853 infections and 31 deaths. In Campania 82 cases of Delta variant in seven days

Coronavirus, the new coronavirus bulletin of the Ministry of Health today Tuesday 22 June 2021 records 835 new cases with 192,882 swabs and 31 deaths. Hospitalizations are down: intensive care is 23 fewer (yesterday -4) with 10 admissions of the day, and drop to 362, while ordinary hospitalizations are 101 fewer (yesterday -54), 2,289 in all. Sicily still at the top of the ranking of Italian regions for the increase in Covid cases. L’latest coronavirus bulletin yesterday Monday 21 June recorded 495 new cases from the analysis of 81,752 tests and 21 deaths in 24 hours. 76,853 currently positive, 385 patients hospitalized in intensive care, 2,390 hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards.

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But let’s get to today’s data.

Coronavirus, today’s bulletin Tuesday 22 June 2021

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  • New cases: 835, yesterday 495
  • Cases tested: 48575, yesterday 21721
  • Swabs (diagnostic and control): 192,882, yesterday 81,752
    • molecular: 93057 of which 787 positive equal to 0.84%, yesterday 1.16%
    • rapid: 99825 of which 47 positive
  • Currently positive: 72,964, yesterday 76,853
  • Hospitalized: 2,289, yesterday 2,390
  • Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 362 of which 10 new, yesterday 385 of which 9 new
  • Deaths after a positive swab: 127,322, yesterday 127,291
  • Total positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic: 4,254,294, yesterday 4,253,460
  • Total Discharged / Healed: 4,054,008, yesterday 4,049,316
  • vaccine: 16,059,088 people equal to 29.7% of the population over 12 years old, 46,601,425 doses administered or 92.7% of 33,699,797 doses delivered by Pfizer, of the 5,013,332 delivered by Moderna and gods 9,672,328 AstraZeneca vaccines e 1,885,606 Janssen single doses produced by Johnson & Johnson. The updated vaccine report on the government website. Yesterday 539 thousand doses were administered, of which 268 thousand first doses
  • Who was vaccinated. The vaccination campaign has involved to date 22 June 2021: 85% of over 80s, 47% of 70 year olds, and 40% of 60 year olds, 29% of 50 year olds, 17% of 40 year olds, 14% of 30 year olds and 12% of 20-year-olds and 1% of adolescents fully vaccinated with a double or single dose of JJ.

Today’s coronavirus bulletin Tuesday 22 June 2021 (Pdf)

Coronavirus outbreaks: region-by-region data

Here are the live updates from individual regions starting with the hottest situations.

The areas in yellow area***:

  • Valle d’Aosta: a new case and a death. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (0), hospitalizations -2 (1), 45 positive cases. From Friday 25 June the activities of swimming pools and swimming facilities in indoor facilities, wellness and spa centers, gaming and betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos reopen as well as museums and other institutes and places of culture, cultural centers, social centers and recreational centers .

*** What can be done in the yellow zone.
Curfew from midnight, the indoor pools, spas and spas are closed until July 1st.

The areas in area bianca****:

  • Piedmont: 45 new cases and 2 deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti -5 (25), admissions -5 (208).
  • Liguria: 10 new cases and one death. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (8), hospitalizations -7 (27).
  • Lombardy: 126 new cases and one death. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (77), hospitalizations -2 (389).
  • Trentino: 3 new cases and no deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti +1 (3), admissions -1 (8).
  • South Tyrol: 4 new cases and no deaths for 12 days. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (3), admissions +1 (7).
  • Veneto: 96 new cases (68 cases concern data from December and January, and have already recovered) and 6 deaths. Yesterday balance hospitalized: Ti stable (20), hospitalizations -1 (87).
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: 15 new cases and no deaths. Balance hospitalized: stable admissions (9), ICUs empty for the first time since 29 August last year.
  • Emilia Romagna: 44 new cases and 2 deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti -3 (34), admissions -12 (210). Hospitalizations are at their lowest since the beginning of October, new cases halved in two weeks.
  • Market: 17 new cases and one death. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (6), admissions +1 (36).
  • Tuscany: 25 new cases and 2 deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (38), hospitalizations -7 (126).
  • Umbria: 7 new cases and no deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti -1 (3), stable hospitalizations (26).
  • Abruzzo: 13 new cases and no deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (2), hospitalizations -1 (41).
  • Lazio: 74 new cases and one death. Balance hospitalized: Ti -1 (75), admissions -10 (285).
  • Molise: a new case and no deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (0), admissions +1 (7).
  • Puglia: 92 new cases and one death. Yesterday balance hospitalized: Ti stable (17), admissions +1 (187).
  • Campania: 94 new cases and 5 deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti -1 (23), admissions -8 (274). Out of 321 positive tests sequenced in the last seven days 82 cases of Delta variant, 170 cases of Alpha variant, 36 cases of Gamma variant (Brazilian)
  • Basilicata: 14 new cases and no deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (0), admissions -4 (29).
  • Calabria: 17 new cases and one death. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (11), hospitalizations -2 (85).
  • Sicily: 133 new cases and no deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti stable (25), admissions -11 (226)
  • Sardinia: 6 new cases and 3 deaths. Balance hospitalized: Ti -1 (4), admissions -12 (53)

**** What can be done in the white zone.
The curfew lapses. The catering activities will have the possibility of opening in the evening. Shopping centers are also open on weekends. Museums, theaters, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools and universities reopen. Showers are prohibited in both gyms and swimming pools. Discos remain closed for now, or rather: they can open but only to take advantage of the license of bars and restaurants. The masks remain mandatory both outdoors and indoors in places other than your home, except for cases in which continuous isolation from any non-cohabiting person is guaranteed.

Coronavirus, the latest news

  • The government will therefore be called upon to decide by 31 July whether to launch a new state of emergency and move to ordinary management of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • For 13 consecutive weeks there has been a decline in new weekly cases. Since the peak of 6 April, there has been a decrease of 89% of the beds occupied in the medical area and a decrease of 87% in intensive care.
  • The three regions with the highest incidence in Italy are Basilicata (30.7), Sicily (30.5) and Calabria with 24.9. The region with the lowest value is Liguria with 6.2 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, and in all regions the value never touches the threshold limit of 50 cases, with a national average value of 16.7 cases per 100 thousand.
  • With 26% of cases, Italy ranks fifth in the world among the countries in which the circulation of the Delta variant is greater. This is the estimate published by the Financial Times on the basis of the genetic sequences of the virus deposited in the international genetic data bank Gisaid and data from the Belgian research institute Sciensano. Estimates also indicate that the Delta variant is dominant in Great Britain and Portugal, where the concentration is 98% and 96%, respectively. The United States follows with 31%, then Italy (26%), Belgium (16%), Germany (15%), France (6.9%).

How is the pandemic going

Brazil has passed the threshold of 500,000 deaths from Covid-19, establishing itself as the second country in the world with the highest number of victims behind the United States, where there were 601,574 deaths. Johns Hopkins University confirmed these numbers. The country has passed half a million victims just 50 days after reaching the 400,000 mark and about 15 months after the first death was confirmed. On average, 2,073 deaths have been recorded in the past seven days, which indicates an acceleration of 27% compared to 14 days ago. The index was over 1,000 deaths per day for 150 days. During the first wave, the record time in which the average deaths exceeded a thousand was 31 days. Among the 27 Brazilian states, 11 are seeing a sharp increase in deaths, while 13 are stable and only three states show a decline in the number of deaths. In this context, an important element is vaccination. To reach the expected coverage of 90%, the country would have to administer 237 million doses, but to reach this figure, one million vaccinations per day would have to be carried out until the end of the year. To date, however, one million people have been vaccinated in 24 hours only 25 times. If we continue at this pace, the target required by the health authorities will only be reached in 2022. As many as one hundred million Brazilians over 18 are still waiting to be vaccinated with the first dose while another 29 million people are waiting for the recall.

The coronavirus epidemic rears its head in Israel: 125 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours, more than double the previous day (49) and the highest number since April 20. According to health officials, the blame lies with those who return from abroad and do not respect the quarantine; hence the intention to increase the fines to punish those who violate the restrictive measures.

Meanwhile, Australia also has to cope with the emergence of a new Coronavirus outbreak in Sydney. The authorities have ordered the restoration of the obligation of masks for some indoor premises. Ten cases of contagion were certified in the night, for a total of 21 infections in the Bondi Beach area. Gladys Berejiklian, premier of New South Wales, said health officials expect the outbreak to expand after the two cases involving people who had not had physical contact with contaminated people. To limit the risk, the obligation to wear masks on public transport posts and in shops in one part of the city has been reintroduced. At the origin of the outbreak there would be a person who works for some airlines and who would have been contaminated by the Delta variant. “It must be recognized that this Delta variant is an Olympic champion of jumping from one person to another,” Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian told the press.


  • coronavirus bulletin today 22 June 2021-3

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