“With Michetti and Matone I think of Figliuolo as waste commissioner”

“With Michetti and Matone I think of Figliuolo as waste commissioner”
“With Michetti and Matone I think of Figliuolo as waste commissioner”

“Rome can only be compared to Paris and it deserves to be brought back to the center of the world scene”. Vittorio Sgarbi, leader of the Renaissance, says this to the Adnkronos, who for the capital sees him as part of the ‘trident’ as a candidate for Culture councilor in a center-right junta led by Enrico Michetti mayor and Simonetta Matone deputy mayor.

“I would recover the personalities hunted by Virginia Raggi, I think of Colomban, of Minenna, but I also think of Rutelli and Veltroni. In short, we need the good ones …”. In this selection of the best, Sgarbi indicates a surprising name: “I am thinking of General Figliuolo as commissioner for waste. We will call him if we go to power … I found a willingness in him … On the other hand, you have to call capable people, otherwise you won’t go anywhere “”.

“In Rome we will do very well – he underlines – A victory in the first round would be a historical fact, but we will touch 44/45%. The second, Gualtieri, will make 25%, because it is true that the center-left is worth 35% but 10. % if that rompic … Calenda takes them away dry. Rays? The 5 Stars are at 8%. He will not go to the ballot. At most he will reach 15%. It is not possible that the world is going so bad … God exists…”.

Single party

“Does Silvio Berlusconi believe in the single party? Does he do it to disperse … the losses of Fi: his creation is now a brand of the last century, like Fernet Branca, a boy of today who knows? Berlusconi thinks that by merging with Salvini , the ‘registry’ limit of a party that is too large, too immobile, which is in fact worth 4/5% is canceled. The single party is only suitable for him, not for us “, says Sgarbi, adding:” Variety is a wealth -the art critic assures- and it is much more useful to diversify the offer, enriching the proposals of the center-right with the themes of culture, art, tourism. together different realities: a little of Cambiamo, a little of the Renaissance, a little of Us with Italy, etc. In the breakdown, while only Fi more than 5% is not valid, with the others it can reach over 15 % “.


“I like Draghi very much, smart as a fox, old, retired, but fresh as a possible President of the Republic”, says the Renaissance leader about the crucial appointment of politics for the beginning of next year, namely the election of the successor of Sergio Mattarella. “One like this – he continues – understood that to be the Head of State he had to ‘get his hands dirty’ and then he did the government not ‘of the best’ but ‘of the worst’, since he even put Speranza, Di Maio, into it. Franceschini … “. “In short, this government and this majority of ‘all in’ is the electoral basis of his election to the Quirinale. And then the legislature will quietly come to an end, with an electoral executive. Other than early elections: who sees it Draghi dissolving the Parliament that has just elected him? Anyway, yes, I would vote for him at Colle … “.

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