Rome, a new shelter for women victims of violence and children is underway

Rome, a new shelter for women victims of violence and children is underway
Rome, a new shelter for women victims of violence and children is underway

(MeridianaNotizie) Rome, 21 June 2021 – The new ‘shelter’ in Roma Capitale is underway to welcome women victims of violence, together with their children, and support them along the path to escape from mistreatment.

The new service, built inside a confiscated building north of the city, will be able to accommodate four women, along with their children, in a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, the apartment includes a room dedicated to emergency reception, foreseen in those situations in which the woman must leave home immediately, as can happen in cases of reporting from the emergency room of a hospital.

The renovation work was carried out by the SIMU Department with the support of PON Metro 2014-2020 funds, which also supported the furnishing and opening of the service by the Equal Opportunities Department of Roma Capitale, through the awarding of a tender to an association.

When a woman is subjected to violence, it is essential that she find the welcome and protection she needs in institutions. This is why we have invested heavily in recent years to strengthen the capacity of the Capitoline services to accommodate requests for help, offer guidance and specialist advice and host women in need in safe homes. A fundamental work, which we wanted to carry out together with information and awareness campaigns, the creation of Whatsapp numbers to ask for help and the projects “A school of equality” with the girls and boys of our city. Concrete actions and everyone’s commitment are needed to change things and help make women free. None is alone”, Declares the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi.

We have put in place a system and planning work, concrete and on all fronts, to create new opportunities for contact, redemption and freedom for women victims of violence. Within the year, thanks to this commitment, we will almost have an Anti-Violence Center for the Municipality, together with four new semi-autonomous houses, five shared apartments and the new shelter house, which thus strengthen the fundamental capacity of our city to welcome women in need, with safe places to start again. ‘No one is alone’ is not a slogan, but a concrete commitment to be implemented every day, to truly change women’s lives”, Declares Veronica Mammì, councilor for Person, School and Solidarity Community.

This is another apartment that we have redeveloped to give new possibilities to women victims of violence to gradually return to society. It is a concrete and tangible help of the Administration that we have already experienced in the past, with other works carried out on properties removed from organized crime”, Explains Councilor for Infrastructure Linda Meleo.

As a woman it is a source of great pride to see the fruit of the Administration’s work in support of women victims of violence and their children. Another property removed from organized crime that becomes a safe place to start over. A place that is also an important signal of the presence of the institutions that, united, restore legality for the benefit of the women of our city”, Comments the Councilor for Heritage and Housing Policies Valentina Vivarelli.

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