In Rome there is also the monument to the porchetta

In Rome there is also the monument to the porchetta
In Rome there is also the monument to the porchetta

A temporary installation, the project for an academy of Fine Arts. But it is immediately controversial. From animal rights to politics

Animalists and vegans are already on a war footing. “It is a horrible statue made by Amedeo Longo on behalf of the RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts institute”, announces the Italian Association for Animal Defense and Environment in a press release. But also the candidate for mayor of Action Carlo Calenda he doesn’t seem to appreciate much.

The installation of a pig transformed into porchetta appeared in Piazza San Giovanni della Malva in the heart of Trastevere in Rome. And it already has a Twitter profile. The university project, entitled “Roman Squares”, is an initiative of the I Municipio with the patronage of the Campidoglio and the Mibac in the 4 ancient districts of Trastevere, Parione, Campo Marzio and Trevi, to enhance the Made in Italy, also from the point of of culinary point of view. The statue was sculpted by Amedeo Longo, a first-year graduate student at the academy. “It is a porchetta of almost 2 tons of travertine marble”, Longo explained to the Corriere della città, and speaks of “irony in inviting Romans and tourists to eat a typical dish of Roman cuisine”.

But the statue of the pig in the heart of one of the historic districts of the capital made many turn up their noses. “The sensitivity of the 300,000 vegan and vegetarian Romans is offended, with an insult to the value of the life of animals, to their forced sacrifice in the name of a food preference that is only selfish”, protests Lav. Oipa Roma also asks the president of the first municipality to immediately remove the statue, literally overwhelmed by controversy. And today, at 6 pm, an animal rights demonstration was organized in Piazza della Malva.

The grillino Daniele Diaco, spokesman for the Capitoline Assembly and president of the IV Environment Commission, takes the opportunity to raise political controversy. Attacks the “statue of a corpse in the middle of Trastevere disguised as a student spirit”. “We strongly support the complaints that are rightly pouring in from the animal rights world – he added – We hope that that shame will disappear as soon as possible, and it will never be too soon”.

And he adds: “Our Administration, on the other hand, has created a statue in the green area of ​​Largo Ravizza to remember Angelo, a dog tortured and killed in Calabria. But according to the Democratic Party, we are the barbarians”.


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