Gallerie d’Italia, in April 2022 the Turin – Piedmont office is ready

Intesa Sanpaolo will open a megacenter of photography in Piazza San Carlo

(ANSA) – TURIN, 22 JUN – The fourth headquarters of the Gallerie d’Italia will be ready in April 2022, after those of Milan, Naples and Vicenza: it will be in Turin, in Piazza San Carlo, the city’s living room, and an area of ​​9,000 square meters, almost all underground, a huge center of photography and image, with exhibition projects dedicated to current affairs and a careful look at the social.

The megacity site opened in January and the museum will be ready in just sixteen months. Gallerie d’Italia Piazza San Carlo will open with an exhibition curated by the director of Camera – Italian Center for Photography in Turin, Walter Guadagnini. “It will be a very fluid, dynamic museum, without an obligatory path, in which photography will be looked at in an innovative way. It will be a place of culture that celebrates and disseminates contents, open to school activities”, explains Michele Coppola, executive director Art Culture and Historical Heritage of Intesa Sanpaolo.

In the basement of the historic bank headquarters, never used before, there will be a 70 meter long photo gallery, with the vault that will become a multimedia room. There will be the photographic archive of Publifoto and also the so-called ‘pensatoio’ – the room where the managers worked out the answers to be given to the shareholders during the bank’s meetings – it will be a photo gallery. On the second floor, the bank’s collection of works of art and the 9 canvases of the Oratorio San Paolo hosted up to now by the Compagnia di San Paolo will be housed.

“The project includes a large square onto which the galleries will overlook. There will also be the San Carlo cafeteria which will be renovated and will have a new manager. Next to it a restaurant.

There will be a Museum Shop with a large window on Via Santa Teresa “, explained architect Alberto Bianchi of the Amdl studio. (ANSA).


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Gallerie dItalia April Turin Piedmont office ready

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