Will the new Alfa Romeo MiTo be the first car designed by Mesonero?

Will the new Alfa Romeo MiTo be the first car designed by Mesonero?
Will the new Alfa Romeo MiTo be the first car designed by Mesonero?

In the past few hours the group Stellantis has formalized the appointment of Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos he new design number one for the Alfa car manufacturer. The one who has recently renewed the design of Dacia quite clearly, as demonstrated by the future models shown in recent months by the Romanian house, will now have the task of doing the same if not even more with Alfa Romeo.

The new Alfa Romeo MiTo should arrive in 2024

Many are wondering what could be the first Alfa car to be designed by Mesonero. Someone speculates on the future Alfa Romeo B-SUV that will be presented in 2023 and whose production will take place at the Stellantid plant in Tychy. Others think that the first car to be made by the famous designer could be the future Alfa Romeo MiTo.

It could be the first Mesonero-Romanos model

We recall in fact that the English press yesterday revealed that in addition to one Alfa Romeo GTV the Milanese house would be seriously thinking of a compact B segment sedan that it would go alongside Peugeot 208, Lancia Ypsilon and Opel Corsa and that would arrive on the market in a fully electric version on the platform Stellantis Small.

The car could arrive in the course of 2024. For the moment the place of production is still unknown but it is assumed that this model, like the Alfa Romeo B-SUV, can be produced abroad for reasons related to production costs.

We will therefore see if in the coming months confirmations will arrive on what will be the first projects he will work on Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos and above all what will be the news that the world-famous designer will bring to the Alfa car manufacturer.

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Will the new Alfa Romeo MiTo be the first car built by the new head of Alfa Romeo design Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos?

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Alfa Romeo MiTo car designed Mesonero

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