scheduled for June 16, but still blocked-

scheduled for June 16, but still blocked-
scheduled for June 16, but still blocked-

What happened to the support for businesses? Confesercenti receives from all over the national territory reports of associates who have not yet received the transfers of the non-repayable contributions of the Sostegni Bis, the disbursement of which was announced for last June 16. It was to be expected: the Italian bureaucratic machine not used to these workloads. It had already happened with the disbursement of the Covid layoffs by INPS and is being repeated with the supports.

The timing of the delay

The Decree was approved at the end of May, with the explicit aim of getting resources to businesses quickly. Hence the provision of automatically crediting the contribution to those who had already benefited from the first Dl Support. And that takes the joke: on June 7, at the hearing, the Minister of Economy and Finance confirmed the automatic mechanism and announced that the transfers would start on June 16. To date, almost a week after the expected date, they have not been received. It is urgent to clarify the causes of the non-arrival – Confesercenti argue – to then proceed with the rapid resolution of a block that is putting many businesses in difficulty. In fact, we must not forget that, in many cases, the new delay is added to previous delays: there are activities that still await non-repayable contributions provided for by the first Sostegni or even by the Ristori.

The beginning of the summer season – continues Confesercenti – with the encouraging signs that we are recording, must not overshadow the expected refreshments. On the contrary: given the heavy debt contracted by companies during the pandemic – almost 200 billion, including loans and debts with the tax authorities – it is vital that the contributions of the Sostegni Bis and the previous ones are immediately released, to provide companies with the necessary liquidity to restart. The fear that the delay is destined to lengthen and that once again the Italian bureaucratic machine will not be able to adapt to the tight deadlines of a pandemic crisis.


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