Bonus June 2021: 100 euros for everyone without ISEE

Bonus June 2021: 100 euros for everyone without ISEE
Bonus June 2021: 100 euros for everyone without ISEE

Even in this 2021 the Draghi government has confirmed and renewed the TV bonus, proposed for the first time through the Budget Law of 2018 by the Ministry of Economic Development.

In 2018 as well as today the bonus tv has been launched to encourage citizens to switch to state-of-the-art televisions in view of the new broadcasting standards that will start from September 2021 process that you it will conclude by approximately June 2022.

In recent days Anna Ascani, Undersecretary for Economic Development, stressed that so far only 16% of these resources have been used, hence the government’s decision to allocate another 100 million euros for this bonus in the 2021 Budget Law with the possibility advanced Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti to the government to reflect on the possibility of a further increase in the amount given the high number of televisions in Italian homes.

The other big news of the 2021 TV bonus is the abolition of the ISEE roof, with it bonus tv that it may be requested by only one person within their own family.

Making the bonus accessible to all would speed up the renewal process of TV devices, thus avoiding the blackout of millions of televisions when transmissions change frequency.

The 2021 TV bonus consists of a discount on the purchase of latest generation smart-TVs or satellite and terrestrial decoders compatible with the new transmission methods.

Bonus tv because there is an obligation to replace your tv

As already written the technological revolution announced in 2017 with the 2018 Budget Law in article 89 which will see its start in the second half of 2021 and on 30 June 2022 as a deadline for the completion of the process migration towards new ways of transmitting the digital terrestrial signal it will take the name of DVB T2 / HEVC.

Old TV devices that are not compatible with the new broadcast standards will become unusable as they will no longer view the broadcasts, from here it is clear that the transition to a new device capable of supporting the new technology becomes almost mandatory.

From September we will proceed with the elimination of the Mpeg-2 format leaving only the vision in high definition Mpeg-4 standard, however, already supported by the many televisions in possession of the Italians.

The frequency change of the digital terrestrial signal with Dvbt-2 technology becomes necessary as the frequencies currently occupied by the current DBVT transmission system (700 Mhz) will give way to the 5G input with DVBT-2 / HEVC technology that it will transmit on frequencies between 490 and 790 MHZ.

This explains the obligation to replace the current televisions with new generation TV sets that will still guarantee a much better quality vision, with very high definition since they will support 8k videos.

The obligation on the part of commercial activities to acquire and sell only televisions compatible with DVBT-2 technology has been in force since 2018, all televisions purchased before this date will almost certainly all need to be replaced.

In the following video, taken from the Youtube channel of Pensions & Update, the operation of the new 2021 TV bonus is explained in an exhaustive, in-depth way, which provides a discount of 50 or 100 euros on the purchase of a latest generation television, the requsiti and how to request it.

2021 tv bonus: 100 euro discount

The bonus will consist of a discount with a maximum amount of 100 euros at the time of purchase, the discounted amount may be subsequently recovered by the seller through the tax credit procedure, it should be emphasized that there is no obligation on the part of commercial activities to join the initiative bonus tv.

The biggest change to the 2021 TV bonus is the increase in the amount of the discount on the purchase of a new TV from 50 euros to 100 euros and with the cancellation of the ISEE requirement. less than 20 thousand euros, this modification was necessary due to the scarce use by the Italians of the old bonus with the previous conditions.

Then summarizing, there are no more requirements to be eligible for the 100 euro discount linked to the TV bonus, it can be requested by everyone.

How to check the real compatibility with the new technology

The new TV devices or decoders purchased from 1 January 2018 as previously written by law must be compatible with the new technology.

To check the real compatibility of your television with the new DVB T2 technology even after 2022 need:

  • check that the DVB T2 or H265 / HEVC wording is present on the back of the television;
  • consult the list of products considered suitable from the following link;
  • tune into channel 200 (mediaset) or channel 100 (Rai) and check if the message “Test HEVC Main10” is displayed on the screen, when this occurs it will be proof that the TV device is compatible with the new signal.

The negative result of the tests could be linked to other causes: the impossibility of the TV to hook up to the frequencies, the temporary non-reception of the two channels, or the presence, always temporary, of a channel instead of those mentioned.

Therefore, before thinking about buying a new TV device or decoder of the latest generation, the advice is to try a new automatic channel tuning, a function accessible via the menu button on the remote control.

However, it is possible to check the compatibility of your TV or decoder also by consulting the list made available by MISE on the following web page.

However, it is possible to check the compatibility of your TV or decoder also by consulting the list made available by MISE on the following web page.

2021 tv bonus how to request it

Now that we understand and know everything about the new bonus tv 2021 Let’s check how to actually benefit from it.

To take advantage of the € 100 discount on the purchase of latest generation televisions or decoders you will need to fill in a specific downloadable form here is deliver it to the seller declaring that no other family member has already benefited from within their own household has already benefited from the bonus.

Furthermore it will be necessary to equip yourself and to introduce when purchasing, your own ctax code and your own identity document.

The purchase of the TV device, benefiting from the discount linked to the bonus can take place in physical stores as well as through e-commerce and online stores provided they are based in Italy.

There is no obligation on the part of the owners of commercial activities to join the TV bonus funded by the Italian government, but when they decide to join, they can do so by registering on the dedicated portal on the Revenue Agency website. .

TV bonus 50 or 100 euro discount?

The new TV bonus introduced in 2021 which provides for a discount of 100 euros on the purchase of a new generation TV and without the need to present the ISEE is in addition to the one already in force which provides for the discount of 50 euros that can be requested against a limit for families with an ISEE below 20,000 euros.

It is clear that the modality it provides the discount of 100 euros without Isee it will be the most convenient by far in order to benefit from it, however, the old television set will be scrapped.

TV bonus: the deadlines and dates of the changeover

The deadline regarding the migration on the new frequencies, as previously written it is represented by June 2022, on that date the new technology responsible for the transmissions will be the Dvtb-2.

The process will begin at the end of 2021 with the abolition of the MPEG2 format, thus only the high definition format represented by MPEG4 will remain available on most TV devices in Italian homes.

The migration will take place progressively on different dates than in the 20 Italian regions and basically it will happen in the following times and places:

In the period from September 1st to December 31st 2021 here are the regions that will be affected by the change: Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, the province of Trento, the province of Bolzano, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna.

Following then in the first 3 months of the new year it will be a Tuscany, Liguria, Lazio, Umbria, Campania and Sardinia.

Finally third and last stage from 1 April 2022 until June 20 of the same year it will be the turn of Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Basilicata.

At this point the whole nation will be covered by new technology Dvtb-2 transmission which among the various advantages a much better quality vision, with a very high definition since they will support 8k videos.

2021 tv bonus: cases of exclusion

Finally we go to consoderate those cases in which the bonus tv it is revoked after the purchase of the television or decoder.

Indeed, in the event that an irregularity with respect to the self-declaration is ascertained, the contribution will be revoked. The same, of course, applies to resellers who apply the discount without following the correct procedures.

Finally, I remind you that the deadline for requesting and being able to benefit from the TV bonus is 31 December 2022 or in any case until the available funds are used up.

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