Cattelan arrives on Rai1, still no conductor for Sanremo-

Cattelan arrives on Rai1, still no conductor for Sanremo-
Cattelan arrives on Rai1, still no conductor for Sanremo-

Philosophically the eternal return of the same (Nietzsche), prosaically the solidity of the second hand (any car dealer): the Rai «Lights up the future» (is the company slogan) without forgetting the past, the golden rule of generalist television which is made above all of custom and habit.

Thus the new schedule it is entrusted to the usual suspects, to the usual programs, to the usual spectators to keep good. In prime time on Rai1, the faces and formats of Amadeus, Carlo Conti, Milly Carlucci, Alberto Angela, Antonella Clerici (which is also at noon); the quiz is always Flavio Insinna; daytime is entrusted to Serena Bortone, Alberto Matano, Mara Venier, Eleonora Daniele, Marco Liorni.

The novelty is Alessandro Cattelan who for two evenings (Saturday 18 and 25 September) tries to see if his “sky” style also works with a wider and perhaps more lazy audience: of the big is a show «where song, dance, fun and insights coexist, through monologues, performances and interactions with guests». For Sanremo (the always good name could be that of Amadeus) there are still no certainties: “We have not defined artistic directions and management either for the Festival or for Eurovision”, explained the director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta.

The identity of Rai2

Rai2 is always looking for an identity (and consequently you listen to it) that is now lost. And it is not easy to go back with five evenings out of seven dedicated to American seriality, cinema and Italian fiction (which has the best titles with Inspector Coliandro, I wanted to be a rock star, Mare out). Finally freed from the (few) direct Serie A now spread over different days, times and platforms, Those that(always with Luca, Paolo and Mia Cerani) arrives in prime time (on Mondays): a bet that makes sense to try. While waiting for the College (set in 1977), a docureality arrives whose protagonists will be young people aged 14 to 18 studying magic (and this seems more like a gamble). The revolution is at I Fatti Vostri with an edition that sees the debut of a new couple of conductors: Anna Falchi and Salvo Sottile, while Magalli leaves after 17 years and will conduct an afternoon quiz that plays on the use of the Italian language. Another new couple is the one formed by Paola Perego and Simona Ventura who in the morning propose Tutto fa Domenica, “two hours of lightness, tradition, information and fun”. If to err is human to persevere, it is Pino Insegno who returns from the forgotten Voice Anatomy with a new format … Amen.

The ideas of Rai3

Rai3, on the other hand, has long had clear ideas. The solid names are the same as always: the high-low entertainment of Fazio, the investigations by Ranucci and Iacona, the talk by Bianca Berlinguer, the disappearances of Federica Sciarelli, the words of Gramellini, the ex-prisoners of Franca Leosini. And as proof that intelligent ideas and original programs can still be found, Geppi Cucciari and his team are back What Next? and Stefano Bollani and Valentina Cenni with Via dei Matti Number 0.

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