From Boldrini to Luxuria, the anti-Vatican front on the field

From Boldrini to Luxuria, the anti-Vatican front on the field
From Boldrini to Luxuria, the anti-Vatican front on the field

Obviously, countless press releases from leftists, strongly indignant at the Vatican’s stance on the Zan bill could not be missing. The Italian government has been asked to accept the concerns raised above all because it is believed that the freedom of organization and thought of the Catholic community is threatened. Leading the red front against the move by the Holy See is Laura Boldrini, according to which the approval of the Zan bill remains absolutely a priority: “It is a law of civilization. It punishes hate crimes for homolesbobitransphobia, misogyny, skill and promotes respect. There is no risk to freedom of thought as it excludes the propaganda of ideas“. The deputy of the Democratic Party said she was willing to listen to the Vatican, but she wanted to reiterate that the final decision will be up to Parliament:”We also listen to the Vatican, but Parliament is sovereign“.

The Democratic Party does not give up

In the morning Enrico Letta tried to lock down the text of the Zan bill again: “We have always been in favor of very strong rules against homotransphobia. We remain in favor of these rules and the Zan bill“. But the position of the Vatican was followed by a substantial not indifferent emphasis: the secretary of the Democratic Party is open to possible changes.”We are ready to look at the legal issues while maintaining a favor on the system because the norm is one of civilization for our country. Ours has always been an attitude of openness“, he has declared.

Sources of Democratic party however, they still want to get a pretty clear message across: “The Democratic Party strongly supports the Zan bill. Of course we want to carefully read the papers on legal issues, which at the moment are only in a newspaper article“Not even the dem senator gives up Andrea Marcucci, who does not want to waste any more time and asks to arrive quickly at a final decision: “It is always time for a free Church in a free state, not for religious wars. The Zan bill goes to the Chamber as soon as possible, the Parliament decides autonomously“.

The anti-Vatican red front

Not only from the Democratic Party. The harsh responses to the Vatican generally come from the center-left area. For example for Chiara Hangers, mayor of Turin, this is even an opportunity to give a strong acceleration: “An unprecedented position, Parliament was voted by the people, rightly legitimized to legislate and my hope is that, in the light of what happened with this letter, we move forward even more quickly with all the political forces that have decided to support him“.

Controversy the words of Vladimir Luxuria, according to which the Holy See – by intervening as legislator and suggesting what are the points to be modified – has made a “huge step back“. Do you think it is”a big buffalo“to think that a Catholic private school should feel obliged to talk about homophobia on May 17, which could become the National Day against homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Therefore Luxuria invites us to continue the battle to get to the ok definitive to the Zan bill: “This is a test case for compliance with a constitutional principle. We have had great battles like the one over abortion and divorce. Let’s hold on to this too“.

A secular state cannot suffer such interference and interference“, complains Riccardo Magi in a loud voice. The deputy of + Europe spoke harshly on Facebook after the Vatican’s thesis according to which the Zan bill would violate – in some contents – the Concordat revision agreement: “Something that has never happened before, a fact of unprecedented gravity in the never really clear relationship between Italy and the Vatican. ‘Love your neighbor’, but only if he respects their standards. We have been saying this for decades and now we repeat it: abolish the Concordat!“.

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