Scientists have found out when the world will end

Let’s all open the agenda and check the commitments we have in the near future, because there is something to mark and it should never be superimposed on some holiday, aperitif or outing with friends. We are talking about the end of the world, and since we are always on the move we also need to schedule this great event so as not to be caught unprepared.

To tell the truth, luckily for us, the end of the world won’t come and mess up our future plans so quickly. This is also because, it should be noted, the end of the world does not coincide with the end of the human species. When the planet ceases to exist it will not even realize that we have already removed the disturbance.

But what will decree the end of the world, which has even been foretold so many times? As reports, it will not be a catastrophic third world war and not even the sabotage that man is carrying out with climate and environmental changes: certainly these will slightly modify the characteristics of the Earth but the world will go on anyway.

To close the curtain it won’t even be a huge asteroid, although perhaps this could annihilate many of the living creatures. Will it then perhaps be the fault of another planet that will veer from its orbit due to some gravitational instability and crash with the Earth? Here in this case the end of the world would be possible, but it has been calculated that such an eventuality is really very unlikely. There is talk of 1% chance in the next 5 billion years.

So what must happen to put an end to Earth’s adventure in the cosmos? We have to wait for the Sun to turn into a red giant, at which point we will be swallowed and merged. As the Sun’s thermonuclear fuel, hydrogen, runs out in its core, our star’s outer shell will begin to expand. Apparently this will certainly happen, even if the wait is pretty long: about 7.59 billion years. We can organize some other aperitifs, come on.


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