controversy over his resignation from the Policlinico Umberto I

controversy over his resignation from the Policlinico Umberto I
controversy over his resignation from the Policlinico Umberto I

The announced termination of the contract of the ASL 1 manager, Roberto Testa, decided yesterday by the regional council, is having serious repercussions at the regional level and even outside the borders of Abruzzo.

Testa has hinted that he will challenge the provision: the Marsilio government has already been unsuccessful in court for having forfeited the manager of the ASL of Pescara, Armando Mancini, with an act that, in first instance and on appeal, was judged “illegitimate” by the judges; this led to the condemnation of the body, with an economic and social cost for the Region and for the local health of Pescara.

We’ll see.

Certainly, there is a heavy political responsibility that the Abruzzo executive should be accountable to the citizens: in September 2019, in fact, it was the governor Marco Marsilio to ‘catapult’ the 57-year-old Roman manager at the helm of ASL 1, in a precise political chain that led to the national secretariat of Brothers of Italy. Less than two years later, even in advance of the mid-term assessment, after months of tensions and in the midst of a health emergency, the same governor has decided to ‘torpedo’ the manager.

In politics, responsibility for appointments should be assumed especially if, like the center-right, we refer to the principle of spoils system. Testa’s choice was obviously wrong and this could have heavy economic repercussions for the regional budget and, there is no doubt, it has had and will have heavy organizational repercussions within the healthcare company of the province of L’Aquila, still struggling with the coronavirus emergency.

The choice of ASL managers is among the most delicate: in fact, it concerns the care of citizens; to get it wrong is a grave fault.

As mentioned, however, the repercussions go beyond regional borders. In fact, in place of Testa, Ferdinando Romano, a coach wanted by the League, was appointed who, on the other hand, had already made his name at the time of the appointment of the manager, in September 2019.

A success for the Carroccio.

Romano in March 2020 had resigned as medical director of the Policlino Umberto I in Rome, the largest and most important hospital in the capital.

Resignations that had made a lot of noise: according to what he writes, Romano’s step back would have been “urged” by the general manager of the hospital, Vincenzo Panella, who accused Romano of “insane management of the coronavirus emergency”.

Both, coincidentally, held the role of director of the regional health department – had stressed the president of AssoTutela Michel Emi Maritato – “it is evident that this assignment does not do well”.

For days, eyes had been on the Roman polyclinic, he writes unhealthy news: the 18 doctors of the oncology department infected by an imprudent toast in the middle of the Covid emergency, then the complaints relating to the alleged absence of protected paths, indicated by the Higher Institute of Health for patients suspected of being positive for the virus. Last but not least, the episode relating to the faulty sewers of Eastman, a structure identified by the Lazio Region as ‘Covid Hospital 5’, in which the first patients arrived were submerged by sewage. “It is really too much – was Maritato’s comment – we cannot fail to ask for the immediate commissioner of the Company, considering that Romano’s resignation comes a few days after those of the general manager of ASL Roma 3 Vitaliano De Salazar. If this is the nursery we draw on to designate those responsible for our health, there is little to be happy about “.

A little more than a year has passed: Romano has found a place in the sun, in L’Aquila; we hope that, this time, the choice is not wrong.

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