the sweet dedication to Rosalinda Cannavò

the sweet dedication to Rosalinda Cannavò
the sweet dedication to Rosalinda Cannavò

Yesterday Dayane Mello launched her new brand Dayane and You: to support her in this important project could not but be her adventure partner at GF Vip 5, Rosalinda Cannavò. The model wrote a long post to the actress, to thank her for her support.

The link between Dayane Mello e Rosalinda Cannavò in the house of Big Brother Vip was very special: born as a friendship, it seemed that it could become something more and turn into love. This did not happen e Beautiful rose is romantically linked to Andrea Zenga, triggering the hard reaction of Dayane. Now, after some time, the two ex-girlfriends have found their balance and are back to date.

Not only that, yesterday was a special day for Dayane Mello who launched his brand of body products, Dayane And You. Well, Rosalinda Cannavò he also supported her on this occasion, sending her a video message during the presentation, in which he underlined how dayane is an inspiration for many women, and also posing for the campaign that will launch the brand.

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Just by publishing one of the preview shots, dayane made a very sweet dedication to Beautiful rose, reiterating how important their bond is.

Dayane Mello to Rosalinda: “Always us!”

After an intense and exciting day, dayane he immediately thought of Beautiful rose and wrote her these words:

“I think it goes without saying how much you are important for me, but I couldn’t choose a different person to share this dream of mine. Somehow we represent countless women, the strong ones, who reinvent themselves […]. Thanks Rosalinda mine, to always be with me, near or far, we will be always us”.

A beautiful dedication that has also touched the hearts of fans of the Rosmello (this is the name that was given to the couple during the reality show). Also Beautiful rose was struck by the words of Dayane, and chose to answer her in the comments:

“Your success makes me proud and proud of you. You are a warrior. Our good will last forever”.

After the experience al GF VIP, therefore, the Rosmellos are ready to experience many other adventures together, side by side.

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