Here is the best MicroSD on offer in Prime Day 2021

Here is the best MicroSD on offer in Prime Day 2021
Here is the best MicroSD on offer in Prime Day 2021

If you were looking for one MicroSD and you were hoping for an opportunity that rained down from the sky during Prime Day 2021, you are lucky: the opportunity is there, it is signed by Samsung and offers 256GB of space for your smartphone or other device compatible with the format. The discount for the Samsung EVO Select da 256GB is equal to 54%: from 61.29 euros to only 27.99 euros, with a net saving of 33.3 euros.

The entire Samsung EVO Select range is on sale, but no memory cut enjoys a scissor cut like this. This makes the 256GB model and 128GB model nearly the same price, while the 512GB model costs well over double.

In short, the big opportunity is on this one option. It is a memory with 100MB / s read speed and 90MB / s write speed, ideal for smartphones, tablets, cameras and action cameras. It has four levels of protection (water, temperature, X-rays and magnetic fields) and can therefore guarantee maximum security for the information stored there.

The price of this unit was fixed at 40 euros since April, so today’s discount really represents a special opportunity for anyone who wants to move their files to a fast and reliable microSD. Guarantees Samsung, Amazon countersign.

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