Green Pass, what to do with two vaccines, one only or after Covid

Green Pass, what to do with two vaccines, one only or after Covid
Green Pass, what to do with two vaccines, one only or after Covid

On the Green Pass, ready to go into effect from 1 July, there are still many doubts to be resolved. They mainly concern how to obtain the green certificate, but also what to do if you have not completed the vaccination cycle and if you need to undergo a swab abroad (and, if so, which one). Let’s try, then, to shed some light on the document that will facilitate travel in Italy and Europe.

Green Pass: when issued in Italy

In Italy, the green certificate that will act as a passepartout to move between regions of different colors, but also to participate in events, conferences and ceremonies, will be issued in the following cases:

  • 15 days after the first dose of vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca) or the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine;
  • after completion of the vaccination course;
  • after testing negative for a molecular or rapid swab within the preceding 48 hours;
  • within 6 months of healing from Covid.

How long does the certificate last

The Green Pass has a variable duration.

  • After the first dose: The Green Pass is valid from the fifteenth day after the administration of the first dose (for vaccines that require two) and until the date of the second dose. From that moment, the duration of the Green Certification is 9 months. The same goes for the single-dose (Johnson & Johnson);
  • Second dose of vaccine or single dose for previous infection: the green certificate is generated within a couple of days and is valid for approximately 9 months from the date of administration;
  • In case of a negative buffer: the certificate relating to the antigen or molecular test, with negative result, is generated in a few hours and is valid for 48 hours from the swab;
  • In case of recovery from Covid: After recovery, the pass is generated within the following day and is valid for 6 months from the date of end of isolation.

However, it is important to know that the pass it can be canceled in case of Covid-19 infection. Furthermore, the total duration of the Green Pass depends on the type of vaccine inoculated. Specifically: for those who have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca, whose second dose is administered approximately 3 months after the first, the Green Pass is valid for almost one year (the window between the first and second dose is 12 weeks, for a total 11 months and 10 days). Pfizer, on the other hand, provides for the second dose after about 21/42 days, so the duration of the Green Pass can be around 10/11 months. The Moderna vaccine has the second booster at 21/42 days and the total duration of the certificate is around 10/11 months. Finally, the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine has a total validity of the Green Pass of 9 months.

Green Pass: what happens with vaccines and tampons abroad

If Italy has established that the Green Pass can be obtained as early as the 15th day after the first dose of the vaccine, this is not the case everywhere. Some European countries, as we have seen, require the completion of the vaccination cycle. Also, unlike ours, in other countries rapid tests are not allowed until July 1st. From that date they will be admitted in all countries that are part of the European Union. Also from 1 July, the validity of the Italian green certification with a single dose of vaccine lapses. However, it is advisable to check the precise rules of the places where you intend to go.

Italian green certification and European Green Pass

The green certification is valid only on the Italian territory, as at the moment the system and the rules of the European Digital Green Certificate have not entered into force, therefore to go abroad one is subject to the regulations of the individual countries of destination. From 1 July, however, the European Green Pass will be valid in the countries of the Schengen area.

In essence, therefore, the Covid-19 green certificates issued by Italy in the region are valid only on the national territory and until the European Digital Green Certificate comes into force. The Green Passes issued by the individual country will then be entered in Gateway, the community platform that collects the data of all certificates. The Digital Green will have a QR code that demonstrates its validity and will be used to move around Italy (including children), but also within the Schengen area (as well as being useful for participating in events).

Green pass via sms or email: how to get it

In Italy, the Covid-19 green certification comes issued by the Ministry of Health, through the national platform, on the basis of the data transmitted by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces.
Here’s how it works:

  • After vaccination, a negative test or recovery from Covid-19, the certification is automatically issued in digital and printable format from the national platform.
  • When it is available, you will receive a message via text message or email, to the contacts you have communicated on the day you had the vaccine or the test or in the event that you have been issued a certificate of recovery from the disease. The message contains a authentication code (AUTHCODE) to be used on the channels that require it and brief instructions to recover the certification.
  • The document can be acquired from different channels: by connecting to the following link with access via digital identity (Spid / Cie) or with Health insurance card (or with your identity document if you are not registered with the SSN) in combination with the unique code received via email or text message. Alternatively, you get the certificate through the Electronic health record or the “Immuni” App and the IO App.

The certification contains a QR Code with the essential information, which must be shown to the operators authorized to check, both in the digital version, directly from smartphone or tablet, both in the paper version. Verification of the authenticity of the certificate is carried out by authorized operators, for example in ports and airports, exclusively through the Verification C19 app, respecting privacy.

If you do not have digital tools, you can retrieve the certificate both in digital and paper version with the Health Card and with the help of a family doctor, pediatrician O pharmacist.

Green certifications associated with all vaccinations carried out on or after December 27, 2020 will come automatically generated by June 28th. For a transitional period, until June 30th 2021, the documentation issued by the ASL, laboratories, doctors and pharmacies certifying the vaccination, the recovery from the infection or the negative result of a molecular or antigenic test carried out in the previous 48 hours will have the same validity as the “EU digital COVID certificate” certification.

The news for those returning from abroad and when a tampon is needed

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has signed a new ordinance that allows entry from the countries of the European Union and from the United States, Canada and Japan with the requirements of the Green Certificate. Furthermore, the measures to ban entry from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are prolonged.

The new ordinance then introduces one 5-day quarantine with buffer requirement for those coming from Great Britain. The reason for this decision is the fear unleashed by the Delta variant, now fully widespread in England and throughout the United Kingdom.

In any case, all passengers entering Italy must fill in the dPLF – Digital PLF – Passenger Locator Form, i.e. the Passenger Location Module. The compilation must be done before entering the national territory.

Mix of vaccines: what the EU says

According to what was explained by the spokesman of the European Commission, Christian Wigand, during a press briefing in Brussels, who received the first dose of AstraZeneca and the second dose of another drug you will still be able to obtain the European Green pass.

The regulation establishing the pass, explains Wigand, mentions people “fully vaccinated” without going into detail on how, but the Commission’s latest recommendation advises states to recognize the validity of the vaccine mix for the purposes of the Green Pass, provided of course that these are drugs “authorized by the EMA”.

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