Why Run opens in Milan a new idea of ​​a running concept store with showers and changing rooms

A unique concept store of its kind a Milano, in Italy and in Europe. The Sportland group arrives in the heart of the city with a new 800 square meter shop entirely dedicated to runners. It opens on June 22, Why Run with the official opening to the public, a technological, design and art sales space. Inside all the major sports brands, with exclusive products and only highly qualified personnel at the customer’s service.


“We called him Why Run because it answers everything runners ask themselves. Inside there are changing rooms and showers to train at the nearby Sempione park, gym and training destination for many Milanese. You can try the latest products exclusively. Every week events with brands and ambassadors ”was explained at the preview, cui leggo.it participated, from the top management of Sportland, before the symbolic cutting of the ribbon.


The brand new store Why Run is underway Sempione 6, right next to the clubs of the Milanese nightlife: in addition to exposure and a vast assortment of everything that revolves around the Corsican world, it will be a cultural center that will host the installation of the famous Studio Paul Cocksedge, specially designed for opening. Ancient cave paintings have been reinterpreted to create a huge wall sculpture, made with clay casts of the runners’ feet. To design the work, the studio used a clay bed to capture the footprints of runners of all ages, then 3D-scanned these shapes and sculpted them into huge wall panels that envelop the shop from the entrance. .

“Running is an industry of sport that is incredibly technologically advanced,” says Paul Cocksedge. “But on the contrary, the act of the exercise is still the same. It’s putting on a pair of shoes and running in the park in the mud and water ”.


A store that at first glance can be defined as “paradise” for runners and trail lovers: it will be a meeting point for collective and corporate training, as well as changing rooms, guarded lockers and showers, it will be possible to consult nutritionists with the support of trainers athletic. In short, here the runner will be followed at 360 degrees and not only when buying the shoe or garment to run. With the WR Cardin addition, there will be access to further forms of concessions and exclusive advantages. In short, something that a Milano there was not and that will change the way of “running” in the city.

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Run opens Milan idea running concept store showers changing rooms

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