the young Luca Lardieri died in the explosion

His name was Luca Lardieri, the thirty-five year old from Trieste who died shortly before 1pm in the explosion that took place in an apartment on the top floor of Via del Ponzanino 3 in Trieste. According to the elements that emerged following the tragedy, the young man lived alone and was followed by a support administrator and was in charge of the Mental Health Center in via Gambini. A difficult past and present in which there were problems related to addictions. In his youth he had hung out in circles close to the world of skate, graffiti and breakdance. Towards the end of the first decade of the 2000s, Lardieri was involved, together with another young man from Trieste, in a terrible car accident returning from the famous disco in Isola, the Ambasada Gavioli and from which, according to the reconstructions, they had come out alive by a miracle.

Lardieri had attended the Galvani Institute. The mother was a resident of Emilia Romagna and the relations between the two seem not to have been particularly idyllic. Precisely for this reason the Services had entrusted him with a support administrator, to be able to help him in his daily life here in Trieste. For some people who knew him, the situation had been particularly delicate for a long time. “He lived indoors – so was an acquaintance – and if he went out it was to go to undergo therapy and little else. He was certainly not well ”. The complex picture could therefore also have to do with the tragedy that took place in the apartment of San Giacomo.

It is in fact to be excluded that the explosion was caused by a gas leak, since there was only an electric stove in the kitchen. Luca was found dead in the bedroom and his body partially charred by the violent explosion. The causes of death are still being examined by the coroner Fulvio Costantinides. As for the reasons for the tragedy, it could all be due to the fact that Lardieri, in the late morning, was dealing with chemicals and that the environment gradually became saturated, thus leading to a sudden explosion. The firefighters have in fact carried out some samples of substances from the furnishings of the apartment, elements that will be analyzed by a laboratory and whose results will not be known before the beginning of the week. “It looked like he was going to be moved – said the owner of the apartment where Lardieri lived for rent – but I don’t know where”.

The site of the accident was seized, while two neighboring apartments that suffered damage following the explosion were declared uninhabitable. The occupants of the first and second floors of via del Ponzanino have all returned to their respective homes.


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