Lake Garda, waiting for the results of the alcohol test of German tourists. “They have already returned to Germany”

Only in the next few hours will the investigators know the results of the analyzes. And they will know if the two German tourists – 52 years who according to some media have already returned to Germany – had drunk beyond the limits when Saturday night in the waters of the Lake Garda, in Saló they overwhelmed the wooden boat on which 37-year-old Umberto Garzarella and 25-year-old Greta Nedrotti were parked with their motorboat. The first died instantly, while the girl’s body, with her legs partially amputated, was recovered almost a hundred meters deep after twelve hours of research.

The two 52-year-old tourists, who arrived from the opposite shore of Lake Garda after having dinner in a restaurant, are being investigated for multiple manslaughter and wrongful death. They did not stop despite the impact between their boat and the gozzo on which Garzella and Nedrotti were traveling could only have been very strong since the motorboat had evident signs and even splinters in the bow. No restrictive measures have been taken against them. The two elected domicile with a lawyer in Modena and made themselves available to the Brescia prosecutor’s office, however returning home to Monaco.

The Brescia Public Prosecutor has ordered an autopsy on the bodies of the two victims which will be carried out today. “It was 11pm on Saturday when we heard a bang. We were by the pool and looked at the lake seeing the dark spot that was the boat and that was sometimes illuminated by the lighthouse of a nightclub on the other side of Lake Garda”Said two eyewitnesses, husband and wife who witnessed what happened from the garden of their house. “We heard a bang and saw a dark shadow while the motorboat sped by without even slowing down. The boat was stationary with a very faint light, so much so that we weren’t sure it was actually a boat as ten minutes later another motorboat passed by and also rang. In the morning we understood everything ”is the couple’s story. Among the elements on which the investigator is working is the theme of the lighting of the boats involved; the speedboat that was traveling at high speed and the small wooden boat stopped with the two victims on board.

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Lake Garda waiting results alcohol test German tourists returned Germany

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