Turin, suffering from rare dystrophy, had graduated from hospital bed: she died a few days later

Alessia Genovese had been hospitalized for a year and a half due to one rare and severe muscular dystrophy, tetraparesis and aphasia. One year of cardioreanimation and then again in resuscitation at the Cto and finally at the Unipolar Spinal Unit of the City of Health of Turin.

Several times close to death for sepsis renal insufficiency allostasis, she graduated in Languages ​​at the University of Turin with 98/110. It was she who had been deprived of the use of speech by the brain damage: her health and her future were uncertain, given her serious brain injury, but she was an example for everyone because she was in love with life.

Behind a long path of therapies, hospitals, treatments. In 2020, following severe heart failure in dilated cardiomyopathy, she was heart transplanted at the University Cardiac Surgery of the Molinette hospital in Turin, directed by Mauro Rinaldi. But there are numerous complications: renal failure, Gilbert’s syndrome, difficulty in finding an effective anti-rejection drug and she is affected by cerebral thromboembolism with tetraparesis and aphasia.

There is about a year left between cardiac surgery and cardioreanimation, then the transfer to Neuroreanimation, directed by Maurizio Berardino, of the CTO hospital, due to severe acquired brain injury. In March 2021 he arrives in the department of Recovery and functional rehabilitation of the Unipolar Spinal Unit of the Cto hospital, directed by Maurizio Beatrici.

Before the heart transplant, the chance encounter with Alberto Angela, who encouraged her to follow her dreams also through a video posted on her social pages.


Turin suffering rare dystrophy graduated hospital bed died days

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