Toh, Ingroia reappears: the plan with the former 5 Stars

Toh, Ingroia reappears: the plan with the former 5 Stars
Toh, Ingroia reappears: the plan with the former 5 Stars

Antonio Ingroia enters Parliament, exactly the Senate. Not in person, because he was not elected, but he sets foot on it with his own political creature, the Popolo list for the Constitution, ready for marriage with the exponents of L’Alternativa. The operation is in fact possible thanks to the exiles of the 5 Star Movement at Palazzo Madama. Soon, according to the rumors collected by, the Senate component formed by Weather in Mattia Crucioli, Luisa Angrisani, Margherita Corrado e Bianca Laura Granato. It is the patrol of parliamentarians who left the M5S in dissent for support for the Draghi government and who have been thinking about setting up on their own for some time. A very clear project: to steal votes and credibility from the former travel companions of the 5 Star Movement, waving the flag of the purity of the first grillism. From justice to work battles.

The return of Ingroia

So, surprisingly, the former Palermo prosecutor is back in the game. And it matters little that the list, which refers to the former prosecutor, did not even reach 0.1% at the polls in 2018: the important thing, from a regulatory point of view, is participation in the electoral competition. The reason is therefore technical: in Montecitorio the component was founded without the need for external symbols, because the regulation does not require it. In the Senate the rules are different, in a more restrictive direction. It is necessary that the senators have the support of a political entity, the certified existence (by the Interior Ministry) of the symbol. Of course, everything was subjected to the strict control of the technicians of Palazzo Madama to verify the regulatory procedure. But sources close to the dossier confirm: “It’s a matter of days, probably hours. We are in line with all the requirements of the regulation “.

The genesis of the agreement was not easy. Initially, in fact, the former grillini had initiated an dialogue with the Italy of values, which after the farewell of Antonio Di Pietro is now led by Ignazio Messina. After an intense confrontation (confirmed in this interview with, the situation has cooled down. Now the IDV is talking to another out of the Movement at Palazzo Madama, Elio Lannutti, who would be working on a project. Thus the senators, politically linked to the component of the Chamber, the Alternative exists (di Andrea Colletti e Pine Goats), have established contact with Ingroia, who brings a symbol present at the 2018 Policies as a dowry.

Ex grillini and Ingroia: united against Draghi

For this, various programs were evaluated, presented in 2018, and that of Popolo for the Constitution was appreciated and promoted with full marks by those directly involved. The first point for an agreement, needless to say, is to place oneself in the opposition of the Draghi government. In terms of content, the synergy developed on the battle for legality, the fight against the mafias and the clear refusal to the reform of the legal system. Marta Cartabia. In short, the founding elements of the most intransigent grillism. The unity of purpose has also materialized in the rejection of “the liberal logic and challenge to the financial elites, in defense of the weaker groups”, refer parliamentary sources. In short, there is no lack of affinities and compatibility, both in matters of Justice and in economics.

The target? “Carrying out a ‘third way’, without being left or right, as the 5 Star Movement was at the beginning”. And of course there is a broader goal: to steal support from the M5S’s Giuseppe Conte. When the Senate component is recognized, a broader political operation will start. The idea, according to what he learns, is to “give life to an opposition front, which can bring together all the energies against the government”. And Ingroia represents one of them.

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