Accident on Garda, autopsy ordered on the two boys who died in the boat | The two Germans under investigation cannot leave Italy

June 21, 2021 1:23 pm

The doctors will establish the causes of the death of Umberto Garzarella and Greta Nedrotti. The outcome of the alcohol test of the two suspects is also expected

The two German tourists, both 52, were driving a motorboat of their own that would have overwhelmed the boat in which the two boys were on board. The investigators told that they did not notice anything that the darkness prevented them from understanding what had happened. But the dynamics seem to be clear: the Germans’ motorboat is practically glided over the wooden boat it was carrying Umberto Garzarella e Greta Nedrotti. A devastating impact. He died instantly, his body was found supine, so much so that it is assumed that he was sleeping at the time of the accident. She was thrown into the water and is presumed to have drowned.

In fact, at first the rescuers had only found women’s clothes on the boat. Greta’s body was found only after a few hours. It took the divers of the fire brigade, the body was about a hundred meters deep. His legs were partially amputated, a sign of the terrible impact of the two tourists under investigation with the motorboat.

The carabinieri took a short time to identify the alleged perpetrators and went to a hotel in the area where they were staying. In the lower part of the motorboat owned by the two Germans, traces of the wood of the killed couple’s boat were found. Proof that he has cornered the two deemed not too cooperative with the police who have questioned them for hours. How it was possible that they did not understand what had happened seems inexplicable to the investigators who are convinced that the high speed of the expensive boat would be at the basis of the terrible crash.

The Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office, which ordered the seizure of the motorboat, is waiting for the results of the blood tests carried out on the Germans, to understand if they were drunk at the time of the accident. An element, which if confirmed, could weigh down the position of the two tourists who would have frequented Lake Garda for some time. They have been denounced: the legislation on road homicide – which provides for arrest in the event of an aggravating circumstance such as escape and failure to rescue – cannot in fact be extended to nautical circulation and for the magistrate holder of the investigation there would be at this stage there is little room for issuing a detention order.


Accident Garda autopsy ordered boys died boat Germans investigation leave Italy

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