from Chiellini to Pessina from Meret to Raspadori-

from Chiellini to Pessina from Meret to Raspadori-
from Chiellini to Pessina from Meret to Raspadori-

It is the Italy of young rampants, of group harmony and also a bit of goal nerds: Federico Chiesa received the award for best in the field against Wales and in interviews showed a fluency in English never felt in the blue, not even by captain Chiellini, who also has a master’s degree in economics and gets along very well with the language of Shakespeare and Gascoigne. Chiesa left the English journalists at the Olimpico speechless, accustomed to hearing the blues speaking in Italian and therefore relying on simultaneous translators: thanks to a long school cycle, from fifth grade to graduation, at the American school in Florence.

Matteo Pessina, from the 2021 European Championships on TV to the goal against Wales: he loves Latin, dance and cancels gossip. And that “red light” bag
Six golden months

English will also serve you in football was the prophecy of father Henry, who together with his wife and eldest son had decided this course of study to create a solid plan B. Eventually even Fede became a high-level footballer, but in addition to the English he remained the passion for physics: If I hadn’t been a footballer, I would have been a physicist – he recently said -. The universe is a fixed thought, since I was a child I have always observed the stars and I have been passionate about books and documentaries on the origin of the universe and on black holes. The American physicist Brian Greene the non-sporting character who inspires me the most. I admire him for his ability to make very complex concepts easy and understandable, using objects and situations from everyday life as examples.

In a small way, this different cultural depth compared to the past also contributes to the change of image of the national team. After all, the decisive goal against Wales was scored by an Economics student like Matteo Pessina, with the high school passion of Latin, thanks to the grandmother teacher. Taking the Statistics exam, in person after distance lessons, was more difficult than scoring at Wales on an assist from Verratti: the university keeper had not recognized him and did not want him to enter without a badge. Uncertain of the (second) profession, for a boy who has shown that he knows how to combine sport and study thanks to his favorite motto (Gutta cavat lapidem, the drop pierces the stone) and the relationship created with a professor, Stefano Motta, who gives him his essays on Manzoni but gets angry because Matteo reads little.

Europeans 2021: all the insights

A solid reader instead Salvatore Sirigu: Also in this case there is the hand of a teacher in the family, the mother. Who also recommended Salva to one of his favorite books: Semper caro di Marcello Times, a very powerful concentrate of sarditude. After a few months at PSG Sirigu was able to support the interviews in French, arousing the admiration of Parisian reporters who were never tender on the subject: now he speaks it very well.

Italy-Wales 1-0 at the European Championships 2021, the report cards: Verratti precious, Pessina dominates, Bastoni the beauty of the rookie
Donnarumma 6

In the footsteps of Professor Chiellini – who has one master’s degree in Business Administration with honors (and mention), after the one in Economics with 109 out of 110 – in addition to the apprentice Pessina, there are also Breakers e Meret. With that student air ready for a study holiday in London, they are enrolled in Sports Science, to make their parents’ dream come true: graduation.

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