Rome Film Fest 2021, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino Lifetime Achievement Awards. Pulp Fiction Director: “Fantastic”

Rome Film Fest 2021, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino Lifetime Achievement Awards. Pulp Fiction Director: “Fantastic”
Rome Film Fest 2021, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino Lifetime Achievement Awards. Pulp Fiction Director: “Fantastic”

A party with big names. With Tim Burton e Quentin Tarantino Lifetime Achievement Awards, the late Arthur Penn in a large retrospective, the great British writer Zadie Smith among the Close Encounters, the next one Rome Film Festival (October 14-24) promises to be an extraordinary celebration of the most iconic American cinema, but also a sign of the true return to “normality”. The artistic director Antonio Monda today wanted to offer the press this tasty anticipation, aware of the media strength of the confirmed names. Because these directing stars will be present in the flesh (apart from Penn, of course) at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, meeting the audience who will celebrate them as it should be.

Both expressed their enthusiasm for the invitation and the Roman award scheduled for next October: if Burton praised the city of Rome as “a place I love, a city that makes you feel the protagonist of your own film, very exciting for me”, from part of his Tarantino (from Pulp Fiction to Once Upon a Time), always inspired by Italian cinema in its entirety, literally exalted himself: “There was a moment in my life when I watched any Italian film. And I’ve spent the best years of my career making my own version of these films. For these reasons, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Rome Film Fest is fantastic! ” (pronouncing “fantastic” in Italian). Instead, and as always, it is edited by Mario Sesti the extensive retrospective that accompanies each edition of the Festival and which this year will see the wonderful talent of Arthur Penn, who passed away in 2010. Of course, the complete program will be defined in the coming months (the official conference is set for 6 October) but Monda has wanted to point out that Italian cinema will not be neglected, on the contrary. “We will have at least two or three works in official selection chosen from the ten films viewed. Italian cinema should not be ghettoized – the artistic director specified – for this reason I do not want to program it en masse as if it were a separate section. It must have the same treatment as the other securities “.

Organized by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma chaired by Laura Delli Colli, the Rome Film Fest will share the‘Auditorium Parco della Musica with the Covid Center, set up for months for both swabs and vaccines, but as usual it will be expressed around the capital, between the MAXXI, independent bookstores, cinemas, the Casa del Cinema, the Rebibbia prison and others places to be defined. If it is still premature to know the precise anti-Covid measures, especially the usable capacities of the rooms, which will guide the Festival, it is however possible to already learn from the organizers that the seats will be booked with the same system as last Venetian exhibition, and that the available budget is 4 million euros: a growth signal on that of 2020 set at 3.5 million. Side note but not marginal: the fabulous American cinema will also be the protagonist of the next one Locarno Film Festival (4-14 August, with the new artistic direction of Giona Nazzaro) who today announced the attribution of the Pardo d’Onore Manor 2021 to the legendary John Landis.


Rome Film Fest Tim Burton Quentin Tarantino Lifetime Achievement Awards Pulp Fiction Director Fantastic

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