Stop to outdoor masks, green light from the Cts | Speranza: “From June 28th we will overcome the obligation in the white zone”

The obligation remains in case of gatherings

The CTS finds the square after a confrontation that lasted over two hours. According to the experts, it would still be advisable to keep the distance, if you are not joined, and the mask will still be worn in places at risk of gathering outdoors as well as on means of transport, but not when you are at the table. The decision was also affected by the percentage of vaccines administered in Italy.

The discos node

It now remains to address the last issue on which no opinion or date has yet been provided: the issue of the reopening of discos could be addressed in the coming days and, while access only with green pass in premises only ‘open, remains the knot on the use of the mask once entered. “Everywhere there are gatherings and abusive parties in clubs and beaches. If we do not have a reopening date by the beginning of July, we will deliver the licenses and we will be forced to behave as abusers too in order to work – protests the president of Silb, the union of ballroom managers – if they delay our opening by taking away another ten days of work from July, they force us not to leave again. ”

Suspensions for “no-vax” health workers begin Meanwhile, the health companies of various regions have launched the first procedures for the suspension of health workers not vaccinated against Covid. These are doctors, nurses, operators of the various health professions and socio-health assistants for whom the law provides for the obligation to vaccinate as a requirement for the exercise of the profession. To date, according to the estimates of the commissioner for the Covid emergency, the army of ‘no-vax’ operators would count over 45 thousand professionals, of which however only 0.2% – specify the trade unions – is represented by doctors .


More precisely, according to the weekly report of the Commissarial structure, there are 45,753, including doctors, nurses and health personnel in general, health professionals not yet vaccinated in Italy: this is 2.36% of the category. In Emilia Romagna the most critical situation, with 7.87% of health workers not vaccinated. “Today we have given indications to all orders that, in the presence of an assessment by the ASL of unvaccinated health workers and doctors, with the help of the law the suspension of the doctor and his activity until he has carried out the anti-Covid vaccination and in any case no later than 31 December “, explained the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo) Filippo Anelli.


Stop outdoor masks green light Cts Speranza June #28th overcome obligation white zone

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