Stop the mask outdoors, the CTS gives the green light. Hope: “From June 28th we will overcome the obligation, but keep precautions”

Stop the mask outdoors, the CTS gives the green light. Hope: “From June 28th we will overcome the obligation, but keep precautions”
Stop the mask outdoors, the CTS gives the green light. Hope: “From June 28th we will overcome the obligation, but keep precautions”

From next Monday June 28, when Italy will be all in the white zone, the obligation to wear the masks outdoors. The Minister of Health announced the decision Roberto Speranza on Facebook, after the Scientific technical committee gave the green light on the epidemiological level in the light of the “limited circulation“Of the virus. The minister specifies that the free all will in any case be “in compliance with the precautionary indications established by the CTS”. Who has set some stakes: however, you must always have the mask with you and wear it when the conditions are created for a gathering, as well as on all means of public transport. Furthermore, its use should be “strongly recommended” in frail and immunosuppressed subjects and those around them.

“The Cts – reads a note from the spokesman Silvio Brusaferro – in today’s session he addressed the question posed by the Ministry of Health about the opportunity to maintain the obligation to wear masks in the current epidemiological scenario and believes that: masks represent one of the most effective means for reducing the circulation of the virus; the epidemiological scenario is characterized by a incidence permanently and significantly under 50 cases x 100,000 inhabitants in the 7 days indicative of a limited circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; this will translate into a national framework that from next week will see all the regions in the white zone ”.

The Committee found the right place after a confrontation that lasted over two hours. The decision was also affected by the percentage of vaccines administered in Italy (at the moment already over 53% of the population has at least one dose and about 27% have completed the cycle). Constant numbers of administrations that hopefully will respect the trend also in July, when, however, there will be a decrease in arrivals of Pfizer, the vaccine mRna which together with Modern is inoculated to the under 60, according to the latest provisions. Several governors speak of a cut between 25 and 30% compared to June while Moderna – whose availability has always been low – will reach peaks of -65% in some territories. In fact, in the last month the arrivals had been higher than expected due to the advances of some loads.

Italy is now at the test of normality, without curfew and with Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Marche, the Province of Bolzano, Sicily and Tuscany which have just reached the rest of the country in the white zone (Valle D’Aosta is missing, which will enter the lowest risk range on 28 June). And the numbers from the beginning of the summer continue to improve, with the latest bulletin recording record numbers on infections for this 2021: in the last 24 hours there are 495 new positives and 21 victims, with the rate stable for days and currently at 0.61%. There are only nine admissions to intensive care (385 currently throughout Italy). It is on the basis of comforting data that in these hours South Tyrol is the first to start the experimentation on the stop to the outdoor mask, with an ordinance valid for the moment until 31 July. However, it will still be mandatory to have personal protective equipment with you, but it must only be worn in indoor places other than your home and outdoors if it is not possible to maintain interpersonal distance or in the event of gatherings of people.

On the other hand, the reservation on the opening of the discos, which should be able to start again from the beginning of July and certainly with the obligation of green pass. The use of the green certificate will be operational from June 28th in our country and from July 1st it will be useful to move throughout Europe, with the possibility of obtaining the Qr Code through the Immuni apps and on IO or by printing it at the pharmacy or with the support of the general practitioner.

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