Tragedy on Lake Garda, alcohol test on two German tourists: “It was dark, we didn’t notice anything” – Italia-Mondo

Tragedy on Lake Garda, alcohol test on two German tourists: “It was dark, we didn’t notice anything” – Italia-Mondo
Tragedy on Lake Garda, alcohol test on two German tourists: “It was dark, we didn’t notice anything” – Italia-Mondo

LAKE GARDA. The Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered an autopsy on the bodies of the 37-year-old Umberto Garzarella and the 25-year-old Greta Nedrotti, killed in the waters of Lake Garda in Salò overwhelmed by a motorboat while they were on the boat the night between Saturday and Sunday.

The two 52-year-old German tourists who were driving the Riva motorboat they owned are being investigated on the loose for double manslaughter and wrongful death. Free, but at the disposal of the judicial authorities and will therefore not be able to return to Germany at the moment.

The results of the alcohol test carried out on the two tourists are expected for today. The two told investigators that they had not noticed anything. “It was dark” justified the two German tourists accused of manslaughter and wrongful death.

With their Riva motorboat, apparently owned, the other night in the waters of the Garda they literally glided over a wooden boat, overwhelming it. Above were Umberto Garzarella, 37 years old from Salò, and Greta Nedrotti aged 25 and living in Toscolano Maderno. He died instantly and was found on his back. Maybe he was sleeping at the time of the accident. She was thrown into the water and drowned. Initially, only the clothes of Greta were found.

Lake Garda, investigators at work on the site of the double tragedy

Two German tourists under investigation for manslaughter and wrongful death. They were on board the motorboat that in the night in the waters of Lake Garda in Saló overwhelmed the boat on which they were the 37-year-old Umberto Garzarella, who died instantly and was found dead. The body of the javane who was with him, 25 years old from Toscolano Maderno, was later found with her legs partially amputated due to the violence of the impact.

The searches went on all day until late afternoon when his body was recovered. The boat of the victims was found at dawn with a gash on the right side close to the bow.

On board there was, now lifeless, only Umberto Garzarella, entrepreneur and owner of a service center for heating systems and nautical enthusiast. On his Facebook profile his photos, smiling, are often on a boat or in any case near the water. “He knew how to move in the water. He lived on the lake »say friends.

Thus began the search for a woman immediately, seeing that on the wooden boat the carabinieri and the men of the Coast Guard of Salò had found women’s clothes and that witnesses had told of having seen the 37 year old with Greta university student go away on the waters of the lake. The lifeless body of the young woman was recovered by divers of the fire brigade about a hundred meters deep after hours of research. His legs were partially amputated, a sign of the terrible impact of the two tourists under investigation with the motorboat.

At the same time, having ascertained that it was an accident, the investigators coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Maria Cristina Bonomo, set out in search of the boat that had caused the accident.

Already in the morning the carabinieri showed up in a hotel in the area where the Germans were staying, who for those who investigate were aboard the motorboat that overwhelmed the small boat of the two Brescians. Umberto and Greta on Saturday afternoon had approached Salò to see the passage of the historic cars of the Mille Miglia.

In the lower part of the motorboat traces of the wood of the killed couple’s boat were found. Proof that he has cornered the two tourists deemed not too cooperative with the police who have questioned them for hours. How it was possible that they did not understand what had happened seems inexplicable to the investigators who are convinced that the high speed of the expensive boat would be at the basis of the terrible crash.

The Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office, which ordered the seizure of the motorboat, is waiting, as mentioned at the beginning, for the results of the blood tests carried out on the Germans, to understand if they were drunk at the time of the accident. An element, which if confirmed, could weigh down the position of the two tourists who have been frequenting Lake Garda for some time.

The two have been denounced: the legislation on road homicide – which provides for arrest in the event of an aggravating circumstance such as escape and failure to rescue – cannot in fact be extended to nautical circulation and on the point for the magistrate in charge of the investigation. there would be little room at this stage to issue a detention order.

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