Toti and Brugnaro meet Mattarella: Coraggio Italia delegation to the Quirinale

Courage Italy goes up to the Quirinale to meet President Sergio Mattarella. A delegation from the new party founded by Luigi Brugnaro and Giovanni Toti was in fact received by the Head of State. Together with the mayor of Venice and the governor of Liguria also Gaetano Quagliariello, a former force worker and one of the founders of the new formation, and the group leader in the Chamber Marco Marin.

center right

Coraggio Italia was born, with Brugnaro and Toti immediately 24 deputies. Forza Italia loses 12

by Emanuele Lauria

May 26, 2021

“During the meeting – reads a note – the delegation explained to the head of state the aims of the nascent movement and its political positioning, firmly anchored to the center-right coalition. The exponents of Coraggio Italia reiterated their full support for the movement to the Draghi Government, underlining the importance of supporting every effort of the Executive for the continuation of the anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign, an absolute priority for securing the whole country as soon as possible. Brugnaro, Marin, Toti and Quagliariello also expressed their will to guarantee the greatest possible contribution to the implementation of the Recovery fund, with particular attention to the reforms necessary to make the investments for the restart of the country concrete and effective. The delegation expressed the urgency of wanting to give, with the majority contribution of the new force policy they represent in the Chamber of Deputies, more business support so they can protect work “.

Center-right, Marin (Courage Italy): “We never merged with Salvini, we succeeded in the Chamber where Conte failed: a new group”

by Emanuele Lauria

June 11, 2021

“Courage Italy – underline the representatives of the movement at the end of the meeting with the head of state – wants to be a new political house for all moderates, liberals, reformists and pro-Europeans, who believe in the future and want to commit themselves to a true restart of the country after a year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic “.

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