Europeans, Gravina: “This Italy is a gift after so much suffering”

Europeans, Gravina: “This Italy is a gift after so much suffering”
Europeans, Gravina: “This Italy is a gift after so much suffering”

The FIGC president: “This newfound sentimental connection between the fans and the national team is important”. And on the public at the Olimpico: “We will present our protocol to Minister Speranza as soon as possible for the reopening of the stadiums”

“This national team is a gift for Italy after several months of suffering. It is the Italy we dreamed of ”. Gabriele Gravina the day after Mancini’s team’s third win in a row takes stock of the situation: “But be careful, you can’t reduce everything to these three games, enthusiasm has its roots in a long journey”. The president of the Football Association then rattles off numbers that go beyond the seven goals scored. “We had a total audience of 42 million people with a 62 percent share by adding Rai and Sky. Our social media community has grown by half a million people with new profiles in English and Arabic ”. Then the 48 thousand spectators of the Olimpico. “Just a month ago it seemed impossible and instead we had a great result with a very high level of security, it is a spot of hope also for the future of the country”. And how will the stadiums reopen in August? “On the European data we will present our protocol to Minister Speranza as soon as possible”.


Gravina thanked all the institutions starting from 3,000 volunteers and then cited the success of the fan zones with Roma Capitale and the full house of Casa Azzurri, which closes today after 12 thousand accesses, nine events and seven live concerts. And the blues kneeling in half for Black Lives Matter? “We do everything that can be done against racism. Everyone can express their beliefs, we had talked to the boys about it, they were free, some knelt down, others applauded like the fans. There is the utmost commitment against all forms of racial discrimination, then we leave our children free to express their sensitivity ”.


Gravina does not venture into predictions: “I don’t want to make any predictions, but the most beautiful success is the work of these three years, we are interested in the path that leads to victory, this rediscovered sentimental connection between the fans and the national team. Of course we are showing important things on the pitch, yesterday 23 shots against 3 … ”. Finally, two denials on the possibility of moving the semifinals and finals due to the new restrictions in Great Britain due to the Delta variant. “There won’t be the final four in Rome and there won’t be in Budapest”. Indeed, says Gravina, “Uefa is analyzing a series of concerns about these situations of lack of distance and masks”. However, an implementation will be requested for the number of spectators for the quarter-final in Rome (without Italy) with a “high sense of responsibility”. However, every effort will be made to take advantage of an exemption that does not concern only the team and the staff. Finally, a reflection on these days of “sentimental” return of football after weeks all nailed to economic discourses centered on the Superlega dilemma. “Football does not only have an economic dimension, which must also be respected. There are other dimensions: social, participatory, cultural. We are not just talking about diagrams and numbers, there is also more and for this reason we need to change the culture and management of companies and understand that all this is not a cost, but an investment “.

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