New decree and reopening after Easter: when and how – Chronicle

New decree and reopening after Easter: when and how – Chronicle
New decree and reopening after Easter: when and how – Chronicle
Easter ‘armored’ throughout Italy: from 3 to 5 April the Country is in the red zone. Then, from Tuesday 6 April, each region will return to respect the rules of the color in which it is located. According to last Friday’s monitoring by the Higher Institute of Health, only in three regions are the easing restrictive measures: Veneto, Marche and the autonomous province of Trento. Lombardy is betting everything on next Friday: if the contagion data is still decreasing, the region could switch to the orange zone from Tuesday 13 April.

Lombardy in the orange zone? Not after Easter

Since Wednesday April 7, instead, will come into effect the latest law decree signed Mario Draghi, which will remain valid throughout the country until April 30th. The plant restrictions remain substantially unaltered. “In reason for the progress of the epidemic, as well as the state of implementation of the National strategic plan, with particular reference to the elderly and the frail, with resolution of Council of Ministers – reads the draft of the decree – are possible determinations notwithstanding the first period e can be changed the measures established by the provision. “Therefore, all of Italy in red or orange zone, ma with the possibility di allentamenti in regions where data will improve. The school returns in attendance until the sixth grade in the red zone. Movements still prohibited between regions except for reasons of work, health or necessity with the obligation of self-certification. Closed bars and restaurants (only takeout and home delivery possible) as well as cinemas, theaters, museums, gyms and swimming pools. Let’s see all the details.

Kindergartens, elementary and middle school open also in the red zone after the Easter holidays (April 7 in Lombardy). Currently, however, in the orange areas the possibility of keep open schools, high school with 50 percent of students in attendance. You go back to class up to sixth grade throughout Italy, including the red areas, and the governors will not be able to issue more restrictive ordinances to suspend the activity in presence. “From 7 April to 30 April the carrying out of educational services is guaranteed throughout the country” up to the sixth grade, reads the draft, which landed on the board of the council that tonight gave the green light to the provision. A provision that “cannot be waived by provisions of the Presidents of the Regions and of the Autonomous Provinces”. In the orange and yellow area the presence is up to the eighth grade and with a minimum of 50% in high school.

Italy in lockodownfor another month. Until April 30th (date on which the state of emergency which is destined to be extended will expire) no region or province, therefore, will be able return to the yellow zone. There will only be red or orange areas.

Without yellow areas, but only with red and orange ones, it was The ban on travel between regions has also been extended(due yesterday, March 27). It will be possible to cross borders only for “proven needs” – for reasons of work, health and urgency – with self-certification.

Self-certification: when needed. Here is the form

False self-certification, besides the fine what do I risk if they stop me?

It will not be allowed in the red areas until April 30th visit relatives or friends once a day and for a maximum of two people (in addition to cohabiting children under 14) as is allowed on Easter and Easter Monday, when all of Italy will be in red. In the orange zone possible in the municipal area only once a day.

Transfers at Easter and Easter Monday: the rules

The possibility of going to the second box even in the red zone with the usual limits, unless there are regional ordinances that prohibit it.

No changes regarding the evening curfew, which will start at 10 pm throughout the country in the red and orange areas. It will therefore not be possible to leave the house until 5 in the morning except for valid reasons, which must always be demonstrable.

The opening of bar e restaurants up every 18,foreseen precisely in the yellow band, it was not taken into consideration even with a reduced hours (up to 15 or 16, in order to avoid the aperitif time): the premises will therefore remain closed – with only take-out and home delivery allowed – for at least another month. Although the new standard from 20 April it could be evaluated the possibility of reopen restaurants for lunch.

In the red zone i shops they are closed except for the many exceptions envisaged.

Those who live in the red or orange zone can cross the borders of their municipality, if they are running or cycling, as long as the point of departure and arrival are the same. In the red zone it is possible to take a walk near your home always with a mask.

Regarding gyms and swimming pools there are no news. It goes towards a extension of closure.

Skip the reopening of cinemas and theaters which was scheduled for March 27. The shooting would have been allowed only in the yellow areas but, in the light of the decisions that emerged in today’s control room with the yellow stop until April 30, the reopening of cinemas and theaters is consequently postponed. Culture should also stand still: museums and exhibitions closed.

The reopening of barbers and hairdressers continues not to be allowed even in the red zone, just as it happened before the last decree.

From 3 May 2021 it is possible to carry out the selection procedures in the presence of the competitions announced by the public administrations in compliance with the guidelines validated by the Cts.

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