“That tweet, my mistake. I never say no to a photo, but if you are not a fan, at least have respect »- Corriere.it

“That tweet, my mistake. I never say no to a photo, but if you are not a fan, at least have respect »- Corriere.it
“That tweet, my mistake. I never say no to a photo, but if you are not a fan, at least have respect »- Corriere.it

While on social media there is still a lively discussion between those who give her wrong and those who agree with her, Madame goes back to talking about the tweet with which Saturday kicked off one swarm of controversy and try to explain yourself better, making it clear never to say no to requesting a photo, but appealing to the public’s respect in not exceeding the limits when meeting an artist in a private situation. In the few characters available on Twitter the 19-year-old singer-songwriter and rapper concentrated a thought that many found indigestible: «If you haven’t listened to the record, if you haven’t taken the CD or the ticket or if you don’t know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t done ANYTHING for me, don’t let me get up for a photo. Because I am Madame 24 h only for those who use me for my music, for the rest I am a grumpy Venetian 19 yo ». Words presumably posted in one go, perhaps for a “selfie” asked at an unwelcome moment.

In the stories of Instagram, then, the artist from Vicenza takes the space to deepen his position in a broader way, returning to those phrases: «I had few characters available and a lot of anger to vent. Has been my mistake in short, I should be less impulsive. If the controversy starts from my words it is clear that it is at least partly my fault – begins Madame, Francesca Calearo at the registry office -. This is why I am here, to clarify with my audience to whom I owe a lot and to whom I will owe a lot in the course of my life ».

Madame explains that she wants to dwell on two reflections, the first on the relationship with fans and on what a fan is for and the second on his idea of ​​respect. «You must know that the fan-artist relationship is an absolutely sacred relationship and it is an absolutely personal relationship. There are those who were struck by a single word and those who know my entire discography by heart. I think a fan of mine wouldn’t interrupt me while I eat with my family to ask me for a photo. I’m sure he would wait. It is very disrespectful to interrupt. It is evident that at that moment I am not working, I am not Madame. I’m not Madame especially if you don’t follow me, especially if you don’t listen to me».

So Madame continues, returning to the incriminated episode: «A fan lets me know that he is a fan, he is keen to let me know. A non fan is keen to tell me that he doesn’t follow me. And that’s what happened to me the other night. “I don’t follow you, I don’t like your kind, but I saw you in Sanremo. Can we take a picture of ourselves? ”». Madame clarifies that, in any case, he never said no to a selfie, not even on that occasion: «I took the photo. I consider myself a polite and respectful person and if you ask me for a photo I get up, smile and take the photo with you, whoever you are, fan, non fan, hater, non hater, I’ll do it “. His stories continue with «a small appeal to remind people that if you don’t know me and don’t follow me, at least have respect for me: I’m absolutely sure a fan would have waited for me to finish eating».

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