For the left in Rome the gong has sounded

For the left in Rome the gong has sounded
For the left in Rome the gong has sounded

On RomaToday we were perhaps a little too easy prophets talking about the “splitting of the atom” for the forces that move to the left of the PD: in the aftermath of the center-left primaries in Rome, he delivers a variegated picture that does not contradict our prediction . In addition to the triumph of the candidate of the Democratic Party, the best result is that of Giovanni Caudo who places a good second behind the great victory of Roberto Gualtieri. With 17%, the president of the III Municipality is however far from the flattering 30% that the polls on the eve of the day assigned him. On the other hand, the predictions for the other left-wing candidates are confirmed: Imma Battaglia and Stefano Fassina are just over 5%, the latter, and the former below 7%, a bad result for the candidate of Liberare Roma who is overtaken by the convincing run by Paolo Ciani. As predicted, the socialist race of Cristina Grancio, who collects 100 votes, is not particularly significant.

Now, to the left of the PD there is certainly a lot of space. Under these conditions, however, the first feeling is that it will go to waste. With such numbers and such results Roberto Gualtieri and the PD are in a position to claim a single-color race, perhaps supported only by the Greens who have made a bet that can be paid today. For not suspicious times we have been following the path of the alleged “unitary list” of the left in Rome, which however at this point acquires new contours: in short, from today it is either a unitary list or nothing. What’s more: the Roman dossier cannot fail to level up, and be addressed at a national level.

It cannot be hidden, in fact, that to stop the unitary aspirations of the space to the left of the PD there is the usual not very hidden temptation to protect, before starting with any discussion on the single symbol, one’s own identities and spaces of power. First of all we point out: the gazebos say that this power is no longer there and that the uncertain vote, that of opinion, in the face of a fragmented and not very credible framework, preferred the guaranteed but solid second hand of the former Minister of Economy . Secondly, we recommend that this political transition be carried out quickly at the national level, taking the dossier away from the Roman ruling groups that by themselves, it appears, are unable to play the game.

Out of metaphor: if the left wants to be in Rome, a national agreement is needed, with Massimiliano Smeriglio, Pierluigi Bersani, Nicola Fratoianni, Stefano Fassina, Enzo Maraio and some form of representation for Giovanni Caudo sitting at the table. Identify a pact in principle that acts as a constituent enclosure and in the meantime, please stop talking about “construction from below” and “popular processes” because the (little) king is now naked. The only path appears different: once this national pact has been signed, a participatory constituent path can be launched, within its limits, leading to a unitary list, in order to blow on the ashes and try to ignite what remains of the scarce Capitoline red wood.

Otherwise, if this outcome is evaded, the Democratic Party will do well to ignore anything that moves outside its range; and the next time you hear about “coalition pluralism”, “breaking into people’s hearts”, “bringing work back to the center of political discussion”, it will do well to ignore both the message and the messenger. Dear friends of the left, you tried to say this and in the end, as expected, the gong sounded.

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