Train derailed in Pioltello, in 10 per trial – Lombardy

The Gup of Milan Anna Magelli ordered the trial for ten people including Maurizio Gentile, former CEO of the Italian railway network and current extraordinary commissioner for the safety of the A24 and A25 and the same RFI, accused for the railway disaster of 25 January 2018 in Pioltello, in the Milanese area, in which, following the derailment of the Cremona-Milano Porta Garibaldi regional three people died and several dozen were injured.

The trial was set before the court on 12 October. The judge rejected the request for a plea bargain for three and a half years in prison for a defendant because the sentence was incongruous.

VIDEO: the reconstruction of the accident in 2 minutes

In particular, the judge rejected the plea plea for Ernesto Salvatore, at the time in charge of the Treviglio Works Maintenance Unit of the Italian Railway Network, who had asked to plea bargain for three and a half years in prison. Request rejected because the proposed sentence is too low.

In addition, then, to Gentile and the same RFI, accused on the basis of the law on the administrative liability of entities, 7 other people including managers, employees and technicians of RFI were also sent to trial: Andrea Guerini, as manager of the Southern Line of the Territorial Production Directorate (DTP) of Milan, Marco Albanesi, as Head of the Brescia Unit, Vincenzo Macello, as Director of the Territorial Production Directorate (DTP) of Milan, Moreno Bucciantini, then head of the Planning and Control department ‘Southern Lines Territorial Unit of Rfi, Ivo Rebai, as Professional Senior responsible for the Engineering Operating Structure of the Territorial Production Department (DTP), Umberto Lebruto, as Director of the Production Department of Rfi and Marco Gallini, as Manager of the Organizational structure of the Italian Railway Network. The defendants are accused of negligent rail disaster, multiple negligent homicide, negligent injury and violation of safety regulations. For the prosecutor, Pioltello was a railway disaster caused by a long series of “omissions” in “maintenance” and “safety”, implemented, for prosecutors, just to save money. A maxi report by the consultants of the Prosecutor’s Office had established, in fact, that the accident was caused by the now known “piece of rail” of 23 centimeters which fractured in the so-called ‘zero point’ due to “irreversible cyclical damage generated by insufficient conditions. maintenance”.


Train derailed Pioltello trial Lombardy

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