Giulia De Lellis: sensual holidays with Carlo

Between Giulia De Lellis and Carlo Beretta things seem to be going really well. The girl, who is on vacation in the Canaries with her boyfriend, has just recently posted some romantic but rather hot shots with him!

Last summer Giulia De Lellis it had done a lot of talking about see for having Closed history again with Andrea Damante, after a return of flame occurred in full pandemic, and having approached his friend Carlo Beretta.

The scion of the Italian family builder of weapons and the deejay veronese, in fact, it seems they were related from a great friendship and so the fact that Giulia had passed to the friend of his ex had raised much controversy.

Despite the chatter that he had created around to couple, however, it seems that today the two really are lovers and, in fact, often Giulia mail stories or photo together with his partner, who at several times praised sui social.

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Even in these hours the famous influencer, which currently stands working from the conduct of Love Island, he decided to share with his parents fan some tender moments with the fiance. In the shots the two appear avvinghiati and ready to live their summer of passion!

Giulia De Lellis and Carlo Beretta: hot summer

Lately Giulia De Lellis have declared to have made a real one scene of jealousy to the boyfriend Carlo, “Guilty” of not having answered for some time to the phone. Indeed Giulia really fallen in love of the boy and despite many never would bet on them, the feeling than them League.

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In these hours, then, influence him he even posted some shots in which it appears together with Beretta on a boat. The two, under the scorching summer sun, they joke and yes kiss, making the whole passion that is between them. In short, Giulia seems to be finally happy and he’s going to shout it out in the world!

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