It’s FLOP, weather forecast overwhelmed by the WAVE of Africa. Here are the first effects

It’s FLOP, weather forecast overwhelmed by the WAVE of Africa. Here are the first effects
It’s FLOP, weather forecast overwhelmed by the WAVE of Africa. Here are the first effects

Weather influenced by African air.

The weather trend for today and the very first days of the week sees the almost missed impact of the series of thunderstorm “rockets” in transit in France and Switzerland, which they would have had to invest also part of Northern Italy, scratching and then reducing for a few days, the anomalous heat hood affecting our country.

The air hot North African would have retreated a few hundred kilometers to the south, leaving room for a partial refreshment and ephemeral, with temperatures that would have remained anyway above the average for the period, but not stratospheric, very high, because even if by now we are used to having them almost every summer, they are not the norm.

The projection of all the weather computing centers was wrong by 100/200 km, and the humid air just broke into the Western Alps on Sunday afternoon with some thunderstorms, and should have paved the way for a new nighttime thunderstorm system that didn’t happen.

This actually happened, but it passed very quickly further north west, and here is Northern Italy remained in humidity hood, with the cities in tropical night temperatures, the Alps and the Pre-Alps still without the normal rains that there should be these days, which are almost missing even in Spring.

My lords, if the situation does not change soon, they would turn the lawns yellow as it happened a few years ago even where it happens very rarely, in the Po Valley up to Milan and even further north. And it’s not average at all. There flow of rivers would still loosen, especially the Po, from where the vast agricultural lands draw water, it will go even more dry.

Little is said about it, but Italy is in drought, nothing compared to what happens in the lands of certain continents in the world. We live in full climate change for some time, now the seasons have been busted for years and years, and this determines a new climate, that seals the change.

It rains little and badly in Italy, and this is a big problem, because when it happens there is trouble, especially with the load of energy we have in the atmosphere. Thunderstorms can reach significant violence, cause storms, flash floods. And they know something of this in Russia, where the weather situation in its immensity has at times become dramatic for the sudden and very violent rains.

But also India, or the south of the United States have seen unusual weather events, with sudden rainy periods of extraordinary intensity.

And now? We will have a slightly warmer start to the week than expected, and then the risk of being attacked by one again new wave from the Sahara desert which could cause historical record temperatures.

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