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With its sleek and gritty line, half a century after its birth it remains among the Alfa Romeo most fascinating ever. But much of the aura of legend that surrounds it, as if by magic canceling the boundary between mechanical means and work of art, originates from under the hood. Swan song of the Giulia Sprint GT, one of the most beautiful cars to come out of the happy pencil of Giorgetto Giugiaro, the 2000 GT Fast it represents the maximum evolution. Like a diva at the height of a glittering career, in June 1971 in Gardone Riviera the new Alfa indulges in the flashes of photographers with ease. On the shores of Lake Garda, next to the Berlina and Spider sisters, the four double shaft cylinders single-powered, she sings with her unmistakable voice as ever, but with renewed power.

An image from the presentation in Gardone Riviera. Here the new 2000 GT Veloce is pictured next to a young and smiling blonde girl in tone on tone with the Yellow Piper of the bodywork. Note the new grille, whose eight chrome bars protrude in the center to form the Alfa Romeo shield. The new rims with concave hubcaps and exposed bolts are identical to those of the 2000 Sedan

Special Alfa Romeo 2000: best wishes to the whole range

From the 1,779 cc of the previous 1750 GT Veloce the displacement grows up to the two-liter threshold; the power rises from 118 to 132 CV, a runaway herd ready to gallop fast with every thrust on the accelerator pedal. The exuberance of the engine is paired with the proverbial handling of the models of the Serie 105, enhancing the agility and lightness of the car, which stops the balance needle a 990 chili, 70 less than the sedan from which it inherits all the mechanics, except for the ratio to the bridge, which is longer on the coupé. A featherweight thrown in five gear changes to the gun cotton on the wire of 200 per hour, territory unknown to most of its rivals, who can do nothing in the face of the brilliance of the new Alfa flagship.

The Periwinkle Blue specimen featured in the photo shoot for the launch of the 2000 range in June 1971. The bumpers are identical to those of the second series 1750 GT Veloce. The light alloy wheels, optional, are offered for a fee in combination with the metallic paint and the leather interior. Among the extra accessories there are also electric windows and air conditioner combined with athermic windows


Launched in 1967 to replace the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce at the top of the range, the 1750 GT Veloce inherits the mechanical scheme of the 1750 Sedan. The traditional “step” disappears from the front of the bonnet, which until then was a distinctive feature of the coupé version of the Giulia. The grille incorporates four headlights of different diameters, with smaller interiors joined by a thin chrome bar

The finishes also improve. The interiors are more cared for. The more comfortable seats are upholstered with superior quality materials. The bodywork, almost identical to that of the 1750 GT Veloce, is distinguished only by a few details. Thanks to new grille with eight chromed strips the front has a more important aspect, as does the tail, where larger headlights stand out which also integrate the reversing lights.

Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina, much more than a super fast Giulia

Just the elongated taillights, along with the circular insignia with the Visconti Biscione on the rear pillars, both exclusive prerogatives of the 2000 GT Veloce, they will be the only element to distinguish it from the less powerful ones GT Junior with 1.3 and 1.6 liter engines, whose bodywork in October 1973 will conform to that of the top model.


The cockpit of the 2000 GT Veloce is more comfortable and sophisticated than that of the 1750 GT Veloce. Behind the Hellebore wooden steering wheel, characterized by a more pronounced chalice shape than the other models in the range, a very complete instrumentation is enclosed in four circular dials. The choice of solid wood sliding guides for the height adjustment of the headrests is very original. Compared to the previous model also improves the ventilation system


Produced from 1971 to 1976 in 37,921 units, of which 5,171 with Spica mechanical injection destined for the United States, the 2000 GT Veloce gives the scepter of flagship to theAlfetta GTV (photo above), which inherits the same 1.962 cc twin-shaft four-cylinder but with reduced power to 122 CV. The definitive passing of the baton to the models of the Serie 116 marks the end of a glorious era, but also the beginning of a new great adventure which, thanks to the goodness of the new project, will continue with theAlfa 75 until the dawn of the 90s, when the Fiat, who had bought Alfa Romeo from Iri in 1986, in the middle of the season of large privatizations, will decide for cost reasons to abandon rear-wheel drive, returned to the fore in 2016 with the current Giulia.

The last episode of our special on Alfa Romeo 2000, dedicated to the Spider Veloce, is Sunday 27 June, again at 9 pm.

Photo: Alfa Romeo Documentation Center

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