TMW’s Italy report cards: full enough for Belotti

TMW’s Italy report cards: full enough for Belotti
TMW’s Italy report cards: full enough for Belotti

These are the report cards of related to the success obtained yesterday by Italy against Wales, which allowed the Azzurri to close the group with full points. Full enough for Andrea Belotti, on the pitch for 9’0 minutes, while Salvatore Sirigu also entered the final.

Donnarumma 6.5 He remains unbeaten, scoring no goals and still playing a sumptuous performance. Tomorrow the future awaits him in Paris, but the market sirens have certainly not distracted him. (from 90 ‘Sirigu sv)

Toloi 7 When Fabio Grosso shouted for joy in Berlin, he was Brazilian in all respects and was dreaming in the Goias youth academy. The central of Gloria d’Oeste proved to be a reliable right-back and not only for the three-man rearguard.

Bonucci 6.5 Guarantee and safety. He guides Batons and also directs the others to the pressure of a not insignificant game: who plays a plane ticket and the scoreboard to come. Bonucci is increasingly a leader. (from 46 ‘Acerbi 6.5 Like last time. Enter with the confidence of the great player. Personality and coldness, an ice player, perhaps never celebrated as he deserves).

Sticks 7 The twenty-two year old who is inspired by Sergio Ramos plays an author performance. We will sleep soundly and even peaceful dreams for a long time with sticks to pull the cart of the blue defense.

Emerson 6.5 On that side there is Bale who seems more focused on the Open golf than on the European dream. He runs and bucks, on Gunter he also tries to imitate the Welsh winger and what he did against Barcelona.

Pessina 7 He showed up at a retreat as a joke with a bag marked by a well-known red light portal. A beautiful evening of love, his running arms open and eyes closed after the goal evokes sweet memories. (from 87 ‘Castrovilli sv)

Jorginho 8 The term flying, or soccer pivot, derives from Carlos Martin Volante, a sublime Argentine from Flamengo. It is perhaps the best representative in the world. He is the essential architect of Mancini’s futuristic plans. (from 74 ‘Cristante sv)

Verratti 8 Magnifique. He comes back and with that talent blessed by the Goddess Eupalla, he makes everything easier. A French proverb says that ‘the foliage does not matter if it hides a beautiful fruit’. We missed seeing him on the pitch very much, délicieux.

Church 7.5 It was going at a hundred an hour, and to say that it also seemed not in perfect condition. It seems that of the bright days in black and white, that of the last season with Pirlo. Another musketeer of the blue army.

Belotti 6.5 Gallo with Wales plays a game of immense sacrifice in the service of his teammates. At first he struggles to take aim, then Ward with him is anything but generous: the ambitions of a goal at the Olimpico are postponed. To the future?

Bernardeschi 7 The blond brother of the one seen at Juventus. Clearer ideas, in blue he looks for the game that, net of everyone’s faults, in black and white he has never tried. And it never succeeded. New youth. (dal 74 ‘Raspadori All)

Mancini 8 Asking for more is difficult. Italy is beautiful. Italy wins. Italy is first. Italy dreams. The Olimpico sings Magic Nights. There is a lot of scent of a new beginning.

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