Italy-Wales, the report cards: here are the best five

Italy-Wales, the report cards: here are the best five
Italy-Wales, the report cards: here are the best five

Church 6.5:

Ten minutes left, then moved to the right wing. Neco Williams contrasts it well. The growth in the recovery is exponential. He tries and tries again, with his typical jerks and accelerations, collecting the applause of the Olimpico and the approval of Mancini.

Sticks 7:

Enter the game with great personality. Impressive the way he follows Bale. It sticks to him to prevent the Welshman from turning. He knows how to mark as in the best Italian tradition.

Jorginho 7.5:

It is striking for the infinity of balls recovered and the dedication to defensive work. It is the real key to Italy’s unbeaten run and this time, with Verratti at his side, he has to worry less about the dribble.

Pessina 7,5:

Another product of the Gasperini school. It lowers and is offered in construction almost from the right side. Develop enormous play volume for running and the ability to cover the field. Sacrifice does not take away from him lucidity and insertion. Touch enough Verratti’s punishment to evade Ward’s intervention. It is almost a goal from center forward, the third in the last three games and in just 7 appearances.

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Pessina decisive, Italy also wins against Wales

Verratti 8:

He wants to play after a 40-day stop and tries not to waste any more time, given the competition, to try to recover the European Championship. He sways with the ball between his feet, sews and invents, also pecks several blows. Pessina scored on a free kick. Demonstrates an unsuspected condition, holding the field to the end.

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