The journey into the soul of Etro, remembering Battiato

The journey into the soul of Etro, remembering Battiato
The journey into the soul of Etro, remembering Battiato

A metaphysical journey beyond time and space is that of Kean Etro, creative director of the line Etro Man, paying homage to Franco Battiato, man, artist, musician and thinker who strongly influenced his vision of life.

«Franco, passionate about ancient and Persian fabrics, frequented my mother’s shop, who one day told him” my son is a fan of his “- says Kean Etro -. But I explained to her that mine was a different relationship, he was a teacher for me ».

In 1985 Kean, not yet engaged in Etro, collaborated in the realization of the tour sets Distant Worlds, whose poster has always stood out in his office.

Always accompanied by the teachings of the Master, who told the journeys of the soul, Kean takes us to unexplored places in a joyful state of grace on the notes The Era of the White Boar, on a walkway set up between the tracks of the former Scalo Farini, a proto-industrial space in Milan, awaiting renovation.

Etro’s men are tinged with memories of archaeological explorations in sunny lands, where reality becomes a dream, wearing fluid and subtly sensual garments.

The iconic patterns become rarefied, for example giving a graphic touch to the silk pajamas, while the fil coupé shirts with golden threads express an almost dreamlike vibe, slipping on metallic trousers in coated canvas that seem to come from an interstellar dimension.

The oversized shorts, embellished with archaic symbols, reveal the leggings and messages of love and optimism are printed on both the trench coats and on the labels of the garments.

The nomadic spirit is underlined by a palette inspired by a sunrise over a citrus grove, to recreate sorbet or vitamin tones. Meanwhile, a fascinating sunset inspires dark tones with silver shades, like when the moon plunges into the sea on summer evenings.

In hand the models hold Paisley buckets decorated with studs Crow me, which also appear on slippers, belts and on turquoise jewelry with positive symbols.



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