In Italy over 3,500 tax evaders have escaped the tax authorities, citizenship income to six thousand who had no right-

In Italy over 3,500 tax evaders have escaped the tax authorities, citizenship income to six thousand who had no right-
In Italy over 3,500 tax evaders have escaped the tax authorities, citizenship income to six thousand who had no right-

In spite of the traceability of payments, of the digitization that should help defeat one of Italy’s historical evils, in 2020 the Guardia di Finanza discovered 3,546 total tax evaders, i.e. entrepreneurs or self-employed workers completely unknown to the financial administration. Even more incredible, many of these operated through electronic commerce platforms. I’m almost twenty thousand (19,209 to be exact) undeclared or irregular workers discovered. 10,264 people were also reported, of whom 308 were arrested, for committing 7,303 tax offenses. The value of assets seized for crimes relating to direct taxes and VAT of 800 million euros, while the seizure proposals still under consideration by the magistrates amount to 4.4 billion euros.
These are the first data of the operating budget of the Guardia di Finanza in 2020, released on the occasion of the 247th anniversary of the foundation.

Cunning of citizenship income

Last year, the controls of the Guardia di Finanza were also aimed at unmasking the crafty citizenship income: over 50 million euros unduly received and about 13 million euros of contributions requested and not yet collected have been intercepted with 5,868 people reported for having received help that was not due to them. These include owners of villas and luxury cars, total tax evaders, people engaged in illicit trafficking and belonging to criminal associations of a mafia type, already definitively condemned.
On social security and welfare contributions, 93 million euros were unduly received. For social security expenditure alone (social allowances, war pensions, civil invalidity and others), fraud for over 28 million euros was ascertained. In relation to health expenditure, the data referring to the amount of ascertained tax damages (258.5 million euros) is significant, reflecting how the sector is affected by conduct subject to assessments by both the criminal and accounting judicial authorities.


On the front of the European funds for agriculture and fisheries, undue perceptions and / or requests for contributions have been discovered over 40 million eurosWith regard to the resources unduly requested or obtained in relation to the Structural Funds or those managed centrally by the European Commission (direct expenditure), fraud has been ascertained for over € 54 million.
These are activities – underline the yellow flames – which almost always have an impact on the tax side, in the context of which damages of over 6 billion euros were reported to the accounting judiciary, against 4,328 subjects, as well as seizures for 11 million euros for administrative liability.

Money laundering and bankruptcies

With regard to the protection of the capital market, assets worth over 525 million euros were seized, following 962 interventions in the field of money laundering and self-laundering. The people reported are 2,300, of which 278 arrested. The ascertained money laundering value is around € 1.9 billion.
On the other hand, seizures made against persons held responsible for the crime of usury amount to € 27.7 million.
The Special Currency Police Unit analyzed 137,212 reports of suspicious transactions, of which 76,275 subjected to more in-depth investigations, 1,162 of which specifically related to the phenomenon of terrorist financing. 11,469 checks were carried out at land and sea borders aimed at verifying compliance with the rules on the cross-border circulation of currency by subjects entering and / or leaving the national territory, with the discovery of illegal movements for over 517 million and the ascertainment of 3,339 violations.
In the field of bankruptcy crimes, assets worth over 293 million euros were seized, out of a total of assets that were distracted of around 4.3 billion euros. In the operational sector dedicated to the safety of the circulation of the euro, 116 people were reported, 19 of whom under arrest, with the execution of seizures of counterfeit currency, securities, certificates and stamps for a total value of over 8 million EUR.


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