“Stop at 24 as in Corso Garibaldi”

“Stop at 24 as in Corso Garibaldi”
“Stop at 24 as in Corso Garibaldi”

Delirium Navigli. The farewell to the curfew, in the first weekend of the white zone, has turned into a free all with many excesses and few anti-Covid precautions. The people of the nightlife, in abstinence for months due to viruses, have invaded both the dock and the banks, so clogged that they can no longer move: a river of people, among noise, ball music, stadium choirs and toasts to celebrate the greatest freedom. To see the images of the crowd (few masks and zero distance), Friday and Saturday evening, it seems that nothing has happened in the last 14 months.

PROTEST. The residents of the Navigli committees rise up: “Now no more alcohol, noises and fights, let’s do as in Corso Garibaldi”, where in Largo La Foppa and in the stretch between Via Moscova and Marsala the stop for take-away drinks starts at 10pm and the déhors from midnight. This is foreseen by the order of the mayor Giuseppe Sala, signed two weeks ago to comply with the sentence of the TAR which gave reason to the protests of the tenants of a building. The crackdown on the bars in Garibaldi, which is the first real squeeze on immoderate fun, becomes a precedent for the other “capital” districts of the buzz.

HAND BREAKERS. The signs that the fashionistas were recapturing the Darsena were in the air since last June 4 with the curfew at 11pm: the inhabitants had in fact carried out an inspection “armed” with a sound level meter (they will repeat next weekend) and the noise detected was from a stadium “With decibels up to 85”, or even beyond the maximum limit allowed for mega-concerts at San Siro in the pre-pandemic era. Well beyond the threshold established by law in residential areas. “It is clear that the acoustic limits will exceed more now, with the white zone and the abolition of the curfew”, attacks Gabriella Valassina of the citizens’ committee. “From viale Gorizia to via Valenza serious measures are needed such as the one in corso Garibaldi, because the problems reported for years are many and alarming”.

SOS CRACKS. The territory “is no longer managed, because the police are lacking to contain not only the inconvenience for the inhabitants, but also the dangerous situations”. The nightlife, in fact, has taken a violent drift. The reference is to the latest fight, in chronological order, which broke out on Saturday 13 June, late at night, in Piazza XXIV Maggio with a rider surrounded and wounded with shards of bottles by two groups of North Africans, just to vent the violence. It is true that the neighborhood has never been among the holiest in the city. However, only until recently, the most heeled evenings ended in jostling. Now, instead, you see the blood on the streets. “We need a strong signal with more controls because people must be protected: with the alcohol flowing, it doesn’t take much to spark furious quarrels”, Valassina ends.

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