“I relived the immense pain of Franca Rampi”

Hours and hours of anguish live. The anguish of two parents over the fate of their 6-year-old child. A fate hanging on the wire of a microphone: the one dropped into the well of Vermicino, through which mum Franca and dad Ferdinando and then millions of Italians live on TV – listened to the frightened voice of little Alfredino Rampi, trapped tens of meters underground, while the rescuers they tried to save him. Forty years after that tragedy, which in June 1981 kept the whole of Italy glued to the TV and which broke the boundaries of what was allowed to show (and how it was allowed to show it), comes the TV series Alfredino Una storia italiana. First TV on Sky Cinema and streaming on Now in 4 episodes (for two evenings, tonight and next Monday), it is directed by Marco Pontecorvo and played by Anna Foglietta in the role of Franca Rampi.

Anna, how did you approach this very delicate role?
«In 1981 I was too young to understand and then remember, but I didn’t want to see the archive images: I had to build a distance from the true story. I didn’t meet Franca Rampi out of respect for her will, but I think she has always held my hand. I respect her infinitely, in those days she was the mother of Alfredo and everyone ».

Did you have any resistance at first, any fears? How did you overcome them?
“I was very worried because I felt a huge responsibility for this role, as a citizen even more than as an actress. Then one day a neighbor who knew I was going to do Franca Rampi told me that her mother was going to mass with Franca and added: You can do it, because you have a big heart like her. This moved me, it made me say I can really do it ».

Have you set yourself limits not to be exceeded in this story?
«This series has a great merit: it does not make pain spectacular. The child is never seen and when the pain is too strong the camera moves away, almost the volumes are lowered to bring that pain back into a private dimension. But if there is something that allows us to really elaborate this serious collective mourning it is the fact that it was functional to the birth of an important body such as the Civil Protection, which would not have been created in such a short time without the tenacity of Mrs. Rampi, moved by that pain ».

Speaking of the spectacularization of pain, a few days ago the video of the tragedy of Mottarone was made public. What do you think?
“That it is unacceptable. What does the vision of the tragedy in its precision give me as a spectator? Nothing! It only serves to fuel morbidity. It is a tragic story that has left us all astonished, powerless ».

Is it possible that we have not learned anything?
“The point is that pain pays off, even in economic terms. Pain is listening. Through the pain of others we do not see our own, it is an excuse for not elaborating what we really are. There are few truly empathic people who manage to tune into the pain of others. “

She’s about to play another strong woman …
“Yes, with director Costanza Quatriglio we will make a film inspired by the judicial affair that has invested Ilaria Capua, a woman who has fought important battles for other women and contributed to the improvement of humanity by working in the scientific field”.

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