Today the CTS decision on the masks, the hypothesis of an early farewell at the end of June. The reopening of discos is at risk

Today the CTS decision on the masks, the hypothesis of an early farewell at the end of June. The reopening of discos is at risk
Today the CTS decision on the masks, the hypothesis of an early farewell at the end of June. The reopening of discos is at risk

June 28 could be the right date to stop outdoor masks. For that day all of Italy should be in the white zone. But today is the decisive day. On the program there is a meeting of the Technical Scientific Committee which will have to provide an opinion on personal protective equipment. And there could also be a postponement to July 5th. For the “fault” of the variants. But in the meantime there is another case on the Draghi government table: that of discos, which await a certain date for reopening. There is talk of 1 July, but the rigorist wing in the government is still taking time. And the scientists asked for “further elements” before deciding. The meeting between the 12 members of the CTS today will have to give the decisive opinion for the farewell to outdoor masks. The dates at stake are June 28, the day in which the Valle d’Aosta will also land in the white zone, and July 5. It is also thought to predict a date based on the percentage of the population vaccinated, taking into account the administration of the first and second dose. And this is because the first vaccination does not protect against the spread of the Delta variant. Faced with the now constant trend of the decline in infections (in the last 24 hours there are 881 new cases and 17 victims, with the positive rate stable at 0.59% and only 12 admissions to intensive care (389 currently throughout Italy) however, no other dates are imagined.

The masks away outdoors on June 28th or July 1st

While it is certain that the stop will only be valid in the situation in which you are alone or in company walking outdoors. However, it will remain the obligation to wear the mask in all closed places (and therefore shops, bars and restaurants) or if you are in a gathering. For this, however, it will always be necessary to carry it in your pocket. In the meantime, from today Italy says goodbye to the curfew while Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Marche, the Province of Bolzano, Sicily and Tuscany enter the white zone. And the order of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, is triggered: those arriving from the United Kingdom, where the Delta variant is rampant, will have to undergo a five-day quarantine.

Discos: reopening on July 1st at risk

The government, however, is agitated by the debate on the date of reopening of the discos. Two positions are confronted within the government: the “aperturists” who would like to restart the dance clubs from July 1st and those who, on the other hand, believe that the time is not yet ripe. On 8 June, the Minister of Development Giancarlo Giorgetti wrote to the coordinator of the CTS Franco Locatelli advocating the reopening. The managers have ensured that entry will be allowed only to those in possession of the Green Pass. But for scientists there is no certainty about the controls and capacity of this type of premises.

For this reason they asked the Ministry of Development for further elements of evaluation. The point is not on the agenda of today’s meeting. Although it could be inserted as a matter of urgency. For now, discos can function as food and drink venues, not dancing. However, there are still unknowns to be clarified, including that of the use of the mask on the dance floor. The use of the Covid-19 green certificate will be operational from 28 June. Three days later the go-ahead could arrive at the dance halls.

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Today CTS decision masks hypothesis early farewell June reopening discos risk

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