Dividends Piazza Affari: the deadlines on the Ftse Mib on Monday 21 June, Telecom Italia maxi-coupon savings and rich balance from Poste

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20/06/2021 13:00
of Finanzaonline editorial staff


Last full round of dividends for Piazza Affari in this 2021, waiting to know if the ECB removes restrictions on bank coupons (decision expected on 23 July) which could pave the way for a shower of dividends at the end of the year by especially Intesa Sanpaolo. The ECB restrictions forced the banks to limit the dividend to a maximum of 15% of the cumulative profits between 2019 and 2020, without exceeding the ceiling of 20 basis points of Cet1 capital.

Poste, Snam and Terna pay off the coupon balance

Next Monday in Piazza Affari some of the big names in the list will detach the coupon with generous returns, in particular from Poste, Terna and Telecom Italia savings.
Below is a list of the deadlines on 24/5 in alphabetical order with relative yields calculated on the basis of the closing price on 18 June

Stands out Poste Italiane, among the 2021 best performers of Piazza Affari. The postal group led by Matteo Del Fante detaches the dividend balance. The coupon approved by the Poste Board is € 0.324 per share as the balance of the dividend, taking into account the advance payment of € 0.162 per share already paid in November 2020. At current prices, the coupon balance shows a dividend yield del 2,7%.
Coupon balance also for Snam (€ 0.1497, yield of 2.95%) and for Terna (€ 0.1786, yield 2.74%).

Maxi-coupon for Telecom Italia savings shareholders

The high remuneration for the shareholders of Telecom Italia savings shares (0.0275 euros, yield 5.67%). For the ordinary shares of the Italian telecommunications network, the coupon is less substantial at 0.01 euro (yield 2.29%).
Coupon also for Pirelli with a yield of 1.59%. The assembly of the Bicocca group on June 15 approved the 2020 financial statements and the distribution of a dividend of 0.08 euros per share.

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