“Bleached card” and the accusation of fraud – Libero Quotidiano

“Bleached card” and the accusation of fraud – Libero Quotidiano
“Bleached card” and the accusation of fraud – Libero Quotidiano

Here it is, the democracy of Pd: a beautiful scheda bleached, with the single name of Roberto Gualtieri, perfect poster of primary that is a Roma both a Bologna have come close to the flop (45mil participants in the capital, 24mil in Emilia) and above all, politically, highlight the impasse of the center left. In Rome, Gualtieri, former Minister of the Economy and strong candidate, wins as expected with the 62% of votes. In Bologna the candidate for mayor will be the commissioner Matteo Lepore, which surpasses the Renzian Isabella Conti, with a suffered 55%. In both cases, two men of the apparatus emerge who, however, little or nothing drag the collective imagination or give the idea of ​​revolutionary thrusts, indeed.

Plus, there seems to be a transparency problem as big as a house. Conti had begun to denounce how the Democratic Party had refused both to communicate the data on the votes online and to entrust the analysis of the same to a external auditing. In short: the primaries are from the center but controls the entire Democratic Party. Worse still goes under the Dome: the Democratic Party, on its social pages, publishes the classic post to explain how to vote. Small hitch: the photo is yes of the ballot paper, but the facsimile of the card with 7 boxes for as many contenders is filled with a single name. Guess what? That of Gualtieri, of course.

Just a few insults among the many furious comments, also reported by Newspaper: “This is dictatorship! – denunciation of the candidate Imma Battaglia, arrived third – There are seven of us and your censorship is unspeakable, hiding everyone’s names is a symbol of fascism “. Other voters:” Shame “,” You are like the grillini “,” Ethical abyss “. urban planner Giovanni Caudio, even speaks of “lightness at the seats”, foreshadowing the hypothesis of fraud. E Carlo Calenda Action leader, also on social networks, shares the photo of the bleached pro-Gualtieri card and jokes: “At the voice of open primaries. A real exercise in democracy. Daje”. Wherever you look at it, a poor figure.

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Bleached card accusation fraud Libero Quotidiano

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