“Zero infections at the end of July”

“Zero infections at the end of July”
“Zero infections at the end of July”

“By the end of July we will see the goal of zero new cases in Lazio for Covid”. This was stated, in an interview with ‘Il Messaggero’, by Alessio D’Amato, Lazio councilor for health, on the Covid situation in the region, where yesterday there were 68 new infections and no victims. “In the second week of July we will have vaccinated, with the double dose, 60 per cent of Lazio citizens who are over 12 years old. On 8 August we will be at 70 per cent, the percentage indicated as community immunity” calculates D’Amato .

On the discussions on the second dose of AstraZeneca, Councilor D’Amato observes: “In the end our line has passed, I think it is right to give freedom of choice, always on medical advice. Those who received the first dose of AstraZeneca can keep that vaccine also for the second, obviously if he wants it. But soon we will have to make a decision, as a country, on what to do with the unused AstraZeneca vials. “

“Let’s start from some fixed points: we will need another hundred thousand doses for boosters with AstraZeneca, even if we cannot predict how many citizens will instead decide to perform the second dose with a different vaccine – he explains – After that, we will not be able to use again AstraZeneca, since it is only suitable for the over 60s and we are close to finishing that age group “.

On the fate of these doses that will remain unused in Italy, D’Amato comments: “They will have to be poured into European channels or even in other regions that are behind with the over 60s and therefore need them. There is also the Covax circuit, destined for to developing countries, we are still talking about an authorized drug that works in preventing the infection of the coronavirus. Certainly those vaccines should not be allowed to expire, it would be ethically unacceptable “.

With the goal of 8 August and the achievement of 70 percent of the citizens of Lazio vaccinated, the commissioner announces to ‘Il Messaggero’ that “we will begin to close the hubs, first of all. And we are preparing awards, certificates, intended for all our operators for the great work they have ensured in recent months. From that moment on, the vaccination campaign will continue in the studies of general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice and in pharmacies “.

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