Umberto Garzarella and Greta Nedrotti rammed by a motorboat –

Umberto Garzarella and Greta Nedrotti rammed by a motorboat –
Umberto Garzarella and Greta Nedrotti rammed by a motorboat –

SALO ‘(BRESCIA) It should have been the end of a special day, of celebration, with the banks of the Benaco full of people to celebrate with renewed serenity the passage of the most famous vintage car race in the world.

Sal in particular, an unprecedented stage of the Mille Miglia on the occasion of the centenary of the Garda Circuit. There were also them to admire the caravan: Umberto Garzarella, 37 years old, from house to town where he was the owner of a boiler maintenance company of the Immergas group – a great boating enthusiast, he was the owner of the small boat – and Greta Nedrotti, 25 years old, university student of Economics and resident in the Upper lake, in Toscolano Maderno. They dated, they were in a relationship. At the end of the event they stayed with a group of friends for an aperitif in company, until, at about eleven, they decided to set sail to take the boat back to the storage on the other side of the gulf. But there, the two never got there.

A motorboat, a powerful Riva, rammed them only to flee at full speed without giving them help or calling for help: Umberto died almost instantly due to the injuries he received in the terrible clash, Greta, on the other hand, ended up in the water. Drowned. On board, two German tourists who were in turn returning to a shipyard, identified during the day by the carabinieri and heard for hours in the barracks: the deputy prosecutor Maria Cristina Bonomo has opened a file, are under investigation for manslaughter and wrongful death.

The searches

The reconstruction of the tragedy began before dawn when a resident of the area reported the gozzo stranded in the waters between Sal and San Felice, with an evident gash on the right side, close to the bow: inside, lifeless, there was the body of Umberto, supine, with the abdomen disemboweled by the impact. But also some women’s clothing, which immediately led the investigators to think that he was not alone. Once hauled to the port, the carabinieri, coast guard and coroner arrived on the spot. For a long time, witnesses have been summoned to give information on his last hours.

the search engine was triggered, active on a double track: tracking down the presumed responsible for the impact – which turned out to be completely accidental – and the woman lost in the lake. The first, the two vacationers, were intercepted in their hotel in a few hours and interrogated, apparently without excessive collaboration: in the morning it had already emerged that one of them had returned with minor bruises and that their boat was marked. In fact, some pieces of wood from the Garzarella gozzo have been found stuck in the lower part of the Riva, which they own and have been seized. But we did not notice anything, it was dark they would have told the investigators, for which this version appears at least unlikely. Instead, it is assumed that they were sailing at high speed. Blood tests were also arranged to see if they had raised their elbows before taking the helm. Indeed, in the village, there are those who say they have seen them return to Sal after the battle, and sit in a club, to eat and drink.

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The boat gutted from the motorboat: Sal’s tragic accident
The finding of the body

Late in the afternoon, the Benaco also returned the body of Greta, with her legs partially amputated: the divers of the fire brigade, continuously at work from the morning together with the volunteers of Garda and the Sal harbor office, recovered it at about a hundred meters deep, in the stretch of water that overlooks the banks of Portese.

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