a team of young masters, Verratti completes it – Corriere.it

a team of young masters, Verratti completes it – Corriere.it
a team of young masters, Verratti completes it – Corriere.it

Different game but with many confirmations. Eventually Mancini’s choices increase, especially his chances of surprising the opponent grow. Chiesa and Pessina they play well, Pessina even decides, but it is clear that they are not owners. However, they have profound characteristics and when they enter they touch the game, they do not watch it.

Italy-Wales 1-0 at the European Championships 2021, the report cards: Verratti precious, Pessina dominates, Bastoni the beauty of the rookie
Donnarumma 6

Even Bernardeschi is a possible Insigne. He always has a bit of that seaside holiday air, but he knows the same spaces.The return of Verratti completes the team in the starting and final quality. Locatelli brings more order, Barella more energy, but Verratti puts the ball where he wants and as they like. The short pass at half height for Pessina on the goal is a masterpiece of synthesis, you need an extreme confidence with football to give power and grace at the same time. Verratti also raises the quality of Jorginho because it forces him to play more balls. Verratti wanders a lot, so he condemns him to think more inside the field. Belotti is the right striker for this plan B team, it is less so for the owner Italy because it is a terminal, while the real Italy of terminals wants many.

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It was a different game, more human, at times more confused than the others, but always at high levels. We continue to wipe out our opponents, even Wales have never taken the door. No one suffers less than us, yet we are always forward. Emerson made the left winger with Bernardeschi coming often in the center. Toloi is a tough defender with soft feet, he is used to being surprised. We are so out of context that we don’t seem to come from a league that doesn’t exist like the Italian one. We are a pleasure school, we cannot be banal. Mancini has put together a contribution that in football never comes spontaneously: he has built a group of intelligent footballers, they play thinking, they dominate their opponents because they play simple and simplicity breaks down, disorientates. This is a team of young masters, where whoever enters scores (Locatelli, Pessina) and teaches something. Never seen having the same results as Italian football, not conceding a goal, playing a football that is its opposite. It is a thoroughness that it takes us past almost all opponents. The next ones too.

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team young masters Verratti completes Corriereit

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