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The VTG Supercup tournament in Hamburg ends with a defeat for Italbasket, which once played very well against Germany, then in the second half saw the Germans run away, without being able to mend the gap. The absence of Nico Mannion and the injury of Spissu weigh heavily, limiting the play of Sacchetti’s boys a lot.

Italy-Germany starts immediately with the two hot teams and two triples of Obst and Vitali to set fire to the powders. Match that remains in balance, with the Germans who keep their heads ahead when they can before the basket from beyond Melli’s arch for the blue 12-11. Still the former from Dallas for +3, but then Saibou brings back the hosts and is always the German number 1 for the 22-18 for Germany with which you go to the first stop.

Germany stretches from the line at the beginning of the second period, but Polonara and Spissu close the gap and it is still the Baskonia player who gives Italy +2 from beyond the arc. Ruzzier first and then Melli’s triple make the Azzurri run away at 26-33, who however lose Spissu due to injury, but the Germans react and come back under. Vitali from beyond the arc and again Melli bring Sacchetti’s team back to +7, they fight point by point and Italy goes to rest at 46-42.

On the other hand, the start of Italy’s recovery is very bad. A first partial of 5-0 is worth the overtaking, then from beyond the arc the blues Obst and Voigtmann punish, then again a triple by Wimberg and the three-point play by Obst are even worth +10 for the hosts. He tries to come back under Candi from a distance, but Saibou and Germany responds and returns in double figures. Many mistakes in the last part of the quarter, a score that struggles to move and, thus, we go to the last rest with Germany ahead 71-58.

Germany still stretches with Herkenhoff from beyond the arc, to which Spanish replies first from the bow and then from the lunette. But it is only a blaze, because in this second half Germany dominates from distance and in defense and Bonga’s triple is worth +16. Now the match is over and Sacchetti tries to change the quintet to experiment with different options also in view of the pre-Olympic. Thus ends 91-79, with Niccolò Melli best scorer at home in Italy with 21 points, followed by Polonara with 16.

Credits: Ciamillo

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