“With covid they risk dying”: the map of the unvaccinated

“With covid they risk dying”: the map of the unvaccinated
“With covid they risk dying”: the map of the unvaccinated

CATANIA – There are 100 thousand over 60, many over eighty, who “risk their lives”, as repeatedly repeated by the infectious specialist Iacobello. But they insist on not planning vaccination.

It is the hard core of the unvaccinated, ended up in the black book of the Asp etnea. Here is the map, health district by health district of the province.

Between 60 and 70 years

In the health district of Catania there are 20,035 over 60s who have chosen not to get vaccinated. Followed by: the district of Gravina (8,258); district of Acireale (7,429); district of Giarre (4,871); Caltagirone and Paternò, almost side by side with 3.766 the first and 3.711 the second; Adrano district (2,921); district of Palagonia (2,863); Bronte district (1,521). The total of no vax between 60 and 70 years in the province of Catania is 55,436 people.

Between 70 and 80 years

There are 12,495 people between 70 and 80 years old who, in the health district of Catania alone, have decided not to get vaccinated against Covid-19. To these are added those of the district of Gravina (4,938) and those of Acireale (4,130), followed by the no-vax registered in the district of Giarre (2,770), in the district of Caltagirone (2,570), in that of Paternò ( 2,036). Finally, the districts of Palagonia, with 1,791 people between 70 and 80 years still not vaccinated, of Adrano (1,580) and of Bronte (867) close. The total for this age group is 33,150 people.

Over 80

In the group most at risk of developing serious symptoms and hospitalizations for Covid 19, people who have not yet scheduled vaccination are, in the Catania health district alone, 7,962. Then follow the health districts of Gravina (2,972), Acireale (2,510), Giarre (1,993), Caltagirone (1,794), Adrano (1,375), Paternò (1,303), Palagonia (1,197) and Bronte (672). In total, there are 21,778 people over the age of 80 still to be vaccinated in the entire province of Catania.

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