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Silvio Berlusconi pulls straight on the question of the single party, despite the doubts expressed in recent days by the allies. The single party of the center-right – he said in a telephone speech at the convention ‘Italy, here we are!’ – launching an appeal to Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini.

“Our task is therefore to build a ‘republican party’ on the American model, in which the center and the democratic right come together to govern the country”, a party that guarantees stability to the government. “It cannot be a cold fusion or by incorporation but – he added – we have until the 2023 vote to build it from below”.

“We have almost two years – he said – until the elections of 2023, to build a united center-right from below, with intense activity, starting with coordinating parliamentary initiatives, and then involving many people and energy, elected, militants, and also members of civil society today far from politics “. “It is a question of transforming into a unitary political movement what is already the common feeling of many center-right voters, who ask us to build a unitary political representation – added the Knight -. Up to now the center-right is has proven united and often successful in electoral occasions, but has not always been able to govern united or remain united in the opposition between one election and another. This would not happen if we were a single party, capable of summarizing different histories and identities without sacrificing them. none”. Precisely for this reason, “I invite all our Azzurri not to worry – concluded the Azzurro leader -. This project does not at all mean the demobilization or liquidation of Forza Italia. On the contrary, we at Forza Italia must strengthen ourselves, organize ourselves even better, extend the search for consensus, knowing that a united center-right will be a center-right of government only if our area, the liberal, Christian, pro-European, guarantor soul, is widely and strongly represented. This task can only be done by us, who represent proudly in Italy the European People’s Party “.


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Berlusconi Single party essential restart Politics

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